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  1. estevao

    hey guys. This is my second website. I've put some effort on it, since i suck on design, but I think it turned out pretty decent. The template was done by me, although I used the the default joomla template and 123wd template as basis. The tools I used were...
  2. estevao

    SEF on Joomla and the .htaccess

    Hello peeps, Recently i had some issues with Joomla SEF when I was realocated from one server to another. So I thought of posting how I fixed it in order to help other people who had problems with it. 1) Under administration panel>Global Configuration>Site you should see SEO Settings in the...
  3. estevao

    Language and copyrighted material

    I've been using x10hosting paid service for almost an year now and I'm very satisfied with the product. Both the staff and community are incredible, and helped me a lot. Having finished my last project, I'm currently in charge of creating a small joomla/WP website to the 1º year Vet students...
  4. estevao

    Review my website

    Hi guys. This is our website The layout is pretty crappy, I know, but I'm no webdesigner, and I choose simplicity, functionaluty and SEO over beauty (although if you can have all that's a must! :biggrin:) all criticism is welcome best regards
  5. estevao

    Hello world! from

    I've been using x10hosting free plan for a month, or so. The hoster works great. In fact, it works better than some payed services you find in the internet. Due to traffic increase in my website, I decided to buy a developers package. I could try another hoster, but x10hosting have been working...