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  1. catz154

    My art blog

    I have a wordpress account that I try to keep updated with my latest projects... You should all go check it out and leave me comments! :D
  2. catz154

    Dark Meldoy Designs

    I had an old layout from before, I liked it a lot, but I wanted to change things up a bit. I wanted to get a cleaner and more professional look. I stuck with my previous color theme, as it seems to work with me. All I have done as of right now is the home page, with all dead links. Just wanted...
  3. catz154

    Help once again..

    I searched the threads to look for domain changes, and I noticed I am not the only one. I am not sure if we have to wit until we are able to do it on our own, or if you guys have to do it for us for now. I would like to have my previous domain name changed to...
  4. catz154

    Cannot log-in to my C-panel.. still.

    I know there has been trouble with the accounts with the moving, but I am still not able to log into my c-panel. Also I was trying to change my main domain, and every time I try to send the request it has been denied.. I have tried different times of day over the past two weeks. I would like to...
  5. catz154

    It's Me Again!!

    I have not been here in a long time... So I am introducing myself again, as lots of things have changed since I have been gone, and also new people are here! I am back, and I have missed this community!!!!! 8) I am Stephanie, Aka, Zoey, I am a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh (online...
  6. catz154

    Programmer? Read this!

    I have a personal website, and as of yet, I do not know how to run scripts and the like, only to design the basics. What I need is a programmer who need someone to practice on, and would like to help me out with adding some stuff to my site, like contact form and other stuff... that websites...
  7. catz154

    My Personal Website

    Ok, so I have been working on this website since summer 2008, I have progressed from my last designs, and also, I am not attending classes, so hopefully in the end it will not be so amateurish. Tips, criticism, anything you have to say about it, TELL ME!!!
  8. catz154

    Need Help!!

    I dont know if i am posting this in the right forum, but.... okay so the deal is.. i have an XP laptop that was giving to me, and the only account is a limited account. I looked through the system files and there is an administrator file, but when I go to users there it shows just one user...
  9. catz154

    has my account been deleted?

    I have not been able to be online in about five months and I was just wondering if my hosting account for my website has been deleted after all the inactivity. My domain name was thanks in advance!!
  10. catz154

    Just Stuff, review the layout please?

    I have done this site over millions of times, and I think I finally got one I love, but I still want advice, comments, opinions whatever... on it. So tell me what you think yeah there is not much content on it as of right now.. :)
  11. catz154

    My latest projects

    I posted a while back, to review my site. Thanks to all those who did. Since then I have redone my layout and would like it reviewed again. so here it is and then I also designed this site, reviews on it also and...
  12. catz154

    I need advice and help...

    Okay so here is my site and what I need help with is the menu. I want to make it more like the background, but don't know how or what exactly it should look like. And any other observations you have, please let me know. There is not to much content, just because I don't have much to put, and...
  13. catz154

    my site!!!

    please review it! I worked on CSS layouts, and this is how it came out. I know there is not much, but it better than my last one. I mean ones. :D My Site
  14. catz154

    HElp can't connect with FTP

    Okay so here is what's wrong. I am using Dreamweaver to upload my file to my site, but I cannot connect with FTP, It keeps telling me "cannot connect to remote host, because the server is down or not accepting connections" Help Please!
  15. catz154

    Review my site Tell me what you think. I know its not much but ...
  16. catz154

    New Photoshop Site

    Hey all! Just started learning how to build websites, and I got a few programs to help get me started, so I was messing with Photoshop and I created this site, tell me how it looks , and any helpful advice, BTW I know the links do not work, only the products page is done...
  17. catz154

    trying to make a site with Photoshop, but..

    Okay so here is what I need.. 1] I made this design and I want to know how to slice this to make the white box separate from the others, so i can describe the different products? 2]how can I use the black products box as a background so I can put HTML text on it? And for now I think that is...
  18. catz154

    Where are you from?

    Hey one and all!! I was noticing how many people here are from all over the world, so out of curiosity...where are you from? me, I am living in Tennessee, US:happysad:
  19. catz154

    nforums new look

    wow!! I like the forums new look , absolutely love it!! Haven't been her for awhile and when I came to see what was happening , I was expecting the same old one, and man was I surprised!!. Thanks x10 for the great service and great job on the new look! :cool:
  20. catz154

    Photoshop anyone??

    Okay I am currently designing my home page in Photshop, I want to add a few photographs to my project, but When i open up a picture it open a whole new page. I have tried the drag and drop method also, still the same problem. anyone know how I can add my photos on my currents project?:dunno: