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  1. bigtree

    Please review my site!

    I just completely remade my whole website from scratch. Wat do you think? Anything screwed up?
  2. bigtree

    Please check out and rate my site!

    Once again, I have remade my website. THis time, I also added a .com domain, and completely redid the designof the template. I tried to follow what users said before when reviewing my site. Thanks to anyone who did. So anyways, can you please review and rate my site? The URL is...
  3. bigtree

    Can't delete Addon Domain

    Hey, I can't delete my addon domain. When I try, it says
  4. bigtree

    Advertise on my site for FREE!

    FREE ADVERTISING! No payment. Just give me your banner and I'll put it up somewhere on my website. My website is No catch, except I might not accept some ads (like things that go against my morals, or inappropriate content, etc.)
  5. bigtree

    Change once, changee all...

    I'm trying to make it so that I can edit my menu in a seperate file and have it change in all my pages. I don't want to use frames. For example, my menu is in every page, and in the script for the pages it says something like <script source="blah"> type thing, and when I change the "blah" file...
  6. bigtree

    Please review my site

    Okay, so I went and re-did my website according to the suggestions made by other members. How do you think it looks now? Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. The site is: Thank you in advance! :biggrin: Edit: By the way... thanks to all the people who...
  7. bigtree

    How is my website?

    I just finished uploading my website to the server, and it is finally online. Does anybody have any constructive criticism about how I can make it better? My website is Please be nice! Also, can you tell me which blog host is the best and most skinnable?
  8. bigtree


    Hey people. I'm Rameez Virji. I own BIG TREE WORLD. That's it! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: