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  1. nalapachakamforum85

    SEO Friendly URLS will work?

    SEO Friendly URLS will work? on free hosting!
  2. nalapachakamforum85

    Custom error pages dont work!

    Custom error pages created in cpanel dont work! Instead prebuilt x10 page with ads are showing up! Any way to resolve this issue?
  3. nalapachakamforum85

    SMF Forum Mail(0 not working in boru

    Users can register at my forum because they are not recieving the activation mails sent out by the boru server? Is there any problem at the server? Iam currently using Simple machines Forum! Please try registering at my forum and check the activation email is recieving or not? Link...
  4. nalapachakamforum85

    Still no account?

    I am in real trouble!!! No hosting account for me... Everytime i submit sign up request for hosting, i continously shows error I Resubmit, again error, i resubmit agin error Its been like a redirect loop!!!! Pls Pls help
  5. nalapachakamforum85

    Takes Long Time

    Free Hosting Sign up still pending Got error code 5F9488D4 first Then resubmitted? Please look into
  6. nalapachakamforum85

    I wish to start a forum with SMF

    I strictly want to comply with x10 TOS, and dont want to get suspended? So please let me know: 1) Forum Post Attatchments allowed ( If yes which extensions, zip? ) 2) Can be bridged with Coppermine Gallery for uploading images? 3) High Traffic later will be a issue? x10 Free Hosting...