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  1. Cambridge

    Subdomains I cant access

    I cant access my own subdomain nor anyone elses i can just post on the forum and acess main x10hosting pages. Is their a problem with my ips anything??? Becuase it comes to a this page can not be displayed when ever i go to anyones.. can someone help me here....:ermm:
  2. Cambridge

    Graphics and Free Templates

    I create flash and photoshop templates that are stunning. However you may not download them till x10hosting resolves the problem their having right now. The only catch is you must keep the Copyrighted information on the bottom of the pages. If you delete it it's illegal and its under a...
  3. Cambridge

    Photoshop Tutorials

    PHOTOSHOP: GRUNGY PIXEL EFFECTS by: Cambridge 1) We're going to use the following image of the beautiful Alicia Keys for this tutorial. Go ahead and open it up in Photoshop. 2) Select the entire image and copy it (CTRL + A then CTRL + C). We'll need this copied image later. Then set the...
  4. Cambridge

    ASPX2 Coming out

    .aspx2 is coming out soon once Windows Vista (Comes out In December 15, 2005-2006) Comments?
  5. Cambridge

    Ultima Online

    uo is still the mmorpg favorite of mine
  6. Cambridge

    x10hosting THE BEST

    omy god what good hosting thee x10hostin hass....:grin:
  7. Cambridge

    Some of the subdomains are down is down thanks bigguy for fixing thee prblem
  8. Cambridge

    ahh i love x10hosting...

    omg x10 hosting is so great i hope it accepts me :P anyways Im going to have a really cool website design ohh yea....:grin: :cat: