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  1. rebeldom

    My service cannot terminate

    I decided definitely end my service here. I click terminate service, says me my service will be terminated in few minutes but keeps active.
  2. rebeldom

    Cannot see my server to connect ftp

  3. rebeldom

    403 ERROR when try access my site

    NEVERMIND LOL BTW don't trash this account.
  4. rebeldom

    Cannot connect to FTP

    When I type password where I acceded to my site with Filezilla appear this error to console: Connection attempt failed with "EAI_NONAME - Node name and server name provided or unknown". Could not connect to server I was able to access before x10host f*** up with server name "rebelsit" but now...
  5. rebeldom

    HELP!! My internet page is down

    When I access to it I receive 404 error. And I try to look my details from server to FTP but I receive 500 ERROR and I can reconect it to Filezilla. WTF is going on!
  6. rebeldom

    Resolved Where the hell is delete account option?

    I want trash this account since months but I cant find delete option! Someone could help me?
  7. rebeldom

    Trash my account

    Trash my account rebeldom because option settings don't appear me. Thanks
  8. rebeldom

    I can't find option delete account

    I wan't delete this account and I can't by reason I can't find that option.
  9. rebeldom

    One of my files get trashed

    I have a section of my doom wads and there is one which get deleted days later by some reason and I must put it again on ftp. Help
  10. rebeldom

    Some images don't appear on my site

    All HTML code is good written, names of image files aren't in capital letters but even so images aren't displayed. If I check my site on my pc I can see them all. Is something on html bad typed I ignored?
  11. rebeldom

    Certificate error when I enter in my site

    Since I added a new page to my site when I enter to it (website) I receive this: Traslated: There is a problem with the security certificate of this website. The security certificate of this website was not issued by a trusted certification body. Problems with security certificates may...