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    Change Username

    Would it be possible for somebody to change my username. I choose my real name and I don't want people to be able to find me here through that. May seem trivial to you, but I would rather keep my account here private :biggrin:
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    2,222 credits - Menu Bar Design

    I really couldn't think of a menu bar for one of my website designs, so I ripped it off another site (temporarily :biggrin:) Now I need one of you guys to design a new one. :happysad: Here is the site: The menu bar needs to be: around 139px wide. Javascript can be...
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    Recieve GET POST data, java?

    I am going to embed a java application on a webpage and I am wondering if it is possible to do any of the following things Is it possible to recieve GET or POST data using java. For example to recieve GET data in php we would write: <?php $data = $_GET['name']; ?> Can something similar to...
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    Username Change

    Would it be possible for you to change my username?
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    mIRC connection port.

    Been having trouble with this for quite a while now :mad: . Usually I try to connect to through port 6667; I manage to connect to the IRC and get the starting message, but when I pick a channel I get disconnected. This could be due to my port, what port do you guys use to...
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    x10Support, (suggestion).

    I was thinking, maybe it would be a great idea to save all the successfully, solved support tickets and publish them to Then just stick a search function so users can simply search thier question and find the support ticket they need? (If we save all support...
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    I am planning to relaunch my website but with a new domain name altogether. I want all possible things to be redirected from my old website to my new website. This includes crawlers since i dont want to loose all the PR I have gained. I searched google a bit and it reccomended 301 internal...
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    CSS Nesting Dividers

    Nesting dividers on CSS has been giving me a headace for a long, long time. It seems to work when nesting one div: <html> <body class="content"> <div id="holder"> <div id="navigation"> bob </div> </div> </body> </html> With the following...
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    Photoshop problems

    Reecently i made a photoshop effecte where: I got a picture and blurred it out. Then used a colour balance adjustment layer to turn it a nice cyan colour. Then used the marquee tool and a brush to create a semi-transparent line. And it gave a nice glow effect where i had a line across...
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    Adsense Advert Stealing

    Reccently I decided to add a small link unit to the top of my page, and also a small ad box containing two adverts at the bottom. My adsense earnings havn't been that good considering I get 100+ visitors a day. So i decided to review the performance of my channels. There seemed to be a...
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    Time Dilation.

    Reccently i decided to go ahead of the school cirriculam (like i was about 1 yr back) and learn about quantum physics and einstiens theory of relativity (general and special) Quantum theory was simple enough, since it was un-understanable with the level of knoledge the human race has now i...
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    Big Image Small Image.

    I was browsing a web template selling website and i noticed that when you scrolled over thier images it popped up and got larger. Wondering if anybody knows what this effect is actually called and how would i achieve it. Reputation will be rewarded to all replys!
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    My Dilema.

    Reccently i made a navigation bar on photoshop. The navigation bar has a rollover effect. I had finished the graphics and was just about to put the names of the buttons on when i thought it would be much better if it was possible to just have the roll over button with no name on it, then put...
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    Does the color clash?

    Some visitors have been complaining that the colors clash in my site: What do you think? Very detailed and constructive critisim will result in a add to reputation.
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    Cheap .net domain registration.

    Does anybody know a cheap .net domain registrar godaddy (the cheapest i found) offers it for $13 per year. Thanks decided to register the .net variation of my domain name since the is stuck with pay 150$ or live with no serverside (php mysql ect) for the rest of your life. And .com is...
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    PHP Problems

    About 6 months ago i signed up for a free host, unlimited bandwidth 500mb space and free domain for 2yrs. After building my website a bit i decided to start learning PHP. It was all going well till i discovered my host didnt support PHP. Now i am pretty stuck because the registrar i am...
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    Same Sex Parents?

    In the thread "what do you think?" the argument of "gay marridge" was debated. However i do not think that is as serious as Same Sex Parents. Especially in females which can easily buy semen (its true!) of the internet and have a child without even knowing or seeing a opposite sex couple...
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    I got this physics question in a multichoice paper and i got the wrong answer Water is heated in a metal water tank, some thermal enegry is lost though the metal walls into the surroundings Th air in contact with the outside metal walls: A contracts and falls due to decreased density...
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    Earn online cash (tutorial)

    About 90 days back i saw LOADS of claims about how to get free online cash. So i decided to sign up for one, untill i found another website that claims to give online cash so i signed up for that too. Pretty soon i had signed up for like 10, and knew almost evreything about the internet cash...
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    3ds max vs maya.

    Me and viggie_swe where arguing about 3ds max and maya, i think 3ds max and maya are the same, he thinks maya is better. What do you think?