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  1. tanwirec

    How To Create A MySQL Database In cPanel X

    Here's a step-by-step tutorial. 1. Log into cPanel 2. Scroll down until you see MySQL Database Wizard 3. Give the database a name and press "next step" 4. Type in a MySQL username (can be anything, I recommend give it the same name as the database) 5. Type in a password and press "next step" 6...
  2. tanwirec

    [Offering] Domain Name Services

    Hello, Everyone :D I have a bunch of domain I don't want. Here's the list with pricing. - $15 - $150 - $25 - $15 - $FREE - $2 - $2 Email me at for more information, or...
  3. tanwirec

    Hi Everyone :D

    Hello Everyone! Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Owen, and if you see that my nick is tanwirec, it's because x10 admins haven't changed it yet per my request. Anyways, I'll be helping out here a lot, thus my dad and the owner are like bffs. (just kidding, but that doesn't mean it can't...
  4. tanwirec

    x10 Hosting Renewal Price?

    Hi! I am literally 10 minutes away from buying x10Premium Monthly Hosting. The price is $6.95, unlimited, which is literally too good to be true. What is the price for the second month? Is it $6.95 still or does it change to $9.99 or something? Thanks :D
  5. tanwirec

    How To Upgrade

    Hello, I own a website, that really doesn't have much features. I would like to have more features, in my cPanel. I need more subdomains, etc., but I can't figure out how. If I upgrade to x10Premium, will all my files still be there, but the features will be added, or will I have to reupload...