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  1. WoMBaT

    Deletion of an old post.

    Could anyone please delete this old post of mine? including this one if possible, Thanks!
  2. WoMBaT

    Logging in to not get suspended...

    the x10hosting site has been changing a lot... Where do I need to log in now and how many times a month do I need to log in now to keep my host up and running? Is it still on forum and once per 2 weeks? Thanks, Greets, WoMBaT
  3. WoMBaT

    My host is down?

    Appearently my host got deleted, is there any way to get my costum host plan back? I had double x2 the space. I got my own back-up, so if the files are gone, that is no problem at all. website: Post of help request on forum...
  4. WoMBaT

    Site still down (after transfer)

    My website: www. has not been responding for quite some time now. I was told this was due to the server transfer... Today I got an email saying that the server transfer was completed, yet I can not open my website. Could someone please look into this? > thank you
  5. WoMBaT

    My site down?

    Appearently my site is down... eventhough I've been logging in regularly so I wouldn't get suspended, anyone know what the problem might be?
  6. WoMBaT

    deleting an old post

    edit: thanks
  7. WoMBaT

    Warning: mail() has been disabled for security reasons in...

    My mail system is somehow shut-down... It worked last month... Now when I try using the mail system: Sorry - That's the Dutch version, I haven't had the chance to complete the English one, because it keeps messing up. What Can I(or you)...
  8. WoMBaT

    Ads make my site not load.

    The text ads I have on my site make my site not load. there you can see for yourself... it loads everything above the ad, but the ad won't load so everything below the ad doesn't load either. Edit: I found the problem. Sorry.
  9. WoMBaT

    Text ads make my site load extreamely slow... /cwv has pages in which you can see the slow loading pages. I have the ads on my site as I'm supposed to... but they make my site load really slow. Is there anything I could do to get rid of this problem? maybe I could make it so the ads get loaded last when...
  10. WoMBaT

    FTP won't upload. (Stoli)

    I can't upload files on to my site via FTP... It comes up saying: [R] PASV [R] 227 Entering Passive Mode (xx,xx,xxx,xxx,xx,xxx) [R] Opening data connection IP: PORT: xxxxx [R] STOR xxxxxx.file [R] 553 Disk full - please upload later And I have only used up '59.08 MB' out of '4000...
  11. WoMBaT

    What script for .divx files?

    Hey I was wondering if there is a script needed to play(stream) .divx files that you put on your website. .divx .divx That's what I have.. (It's a home made video..)
  12. WoMBaT

    cPanel FTP..(Everything) Offline.

    I was trying to upload something to my FTP and then I got disconnected... Then The site wouldn't respond. Then I couldnt log into cPanel. Server NameStoli.x10 IP Address Server Uptime...
  13. WoMBaT

    Bryon - PHP script.

    I read in another thread that someone else had questions about "NedreN News System - Version 1.0.0" but you're too busy since you got recruited by x10. I understand that. One thing though... you said that 1.0.0 is full of bugs... But there are no "bugs" really... I just have these simple...
  14. WoMBaT

    NedreN - You there?

    Anyone know if NedreN is still around? His username doesn't seem to exist on the forums. NedreN the php writer.
  15. WoMBaT

    Mainpage/Forum acc. Issue - cPanel

    The main page of x10hosting wont let me make a new account. I get stuck at the TOS part. As it tells me to read and accept the TOS while there is no place to actually accept the Terms of Use. But then I just try logging in with the forum account and it lets me log in. There it tells me to...
  16. WoMBaT

    how 404 page?

    How and where do I upload my own costom made 404 page?
  17. WoMBaT

    pass reset

    Hi, I would like to have my pass reset. username: wombatz domain:
  18. WoMBaT

    another account...

    Am I able to have one more account when sign-ups are back? This isn't for me, but for school. since our teacher/schoolhead doesn't know how to work with this stuff.. I'll be guiding them. This is because they want their own domain, and not mine in it. I will not misuse it, its just for the...
  19. WoMBaT

    a quesion...

    How DO you guys find out when people have something illegal on their site or space? If its a search you guys use... that wouldn't help right? coz people can change the name if it has adult content. and they can take away the extension? .avi .mpg and all that. Wouldn't that take allot of time?
  20. WoMBaT

    help-POP SMTP ESMTP???

    I have a e-mail address... from my domain.. But I have totally no idea what I gotta do :( Where to put what. I never worked with these settings before and would like some help.