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  1. shdus1

    No permission to view posts in Useful Information Aside from the one unlocked topic, I cannot view anything in the Useful Information topic section!!
  2. shdus1

    Getting error when I try to unsuspend myself

    I was suspended for high resource usage (which I still haven't figured out how it could be happening). Well, when I try to unsuspend myself, I get an error: A system error occurred while processing this action. Error Code: D2492B4D
  3. shdus1

    Broken page on forum
  4. shdus1

    Suspended for resource usage, and my wordpress website had almost no use

    My website hosted at x10 was suspended within the past day. The thing is that during the whole month of August, my website used a whole 5mb of bandwith. It is a simple wordpress installation, and I feel that I might have been suspended in error. I was able to unsuspend it, but I am concerned...
  5. shdus1

    I cannot reply to posts in the free hosting topic

    When I try to reply to a post in the free hosting section, I find that I'm not able to post. It comes up with a message that I may not have sufficient privileges. I'm able to start my own thread (as I just did), and am able to reply in another section that I tried, but not this one.
  6. shdus1

    PostgreSQL not configured

    It seems like postgre SQL hasn't been configured. If that us the case, why is it in cPanel?
  7. shdus1

    Database not deleting

    When I try to delete my database from the 'MySQL databases' it doesn't delete.
  8. shdus1

    Not quite sure where to post it, but part of forum isn't working

    The same think happened last night (but I didn't report it). The user profile section of the forum isn't working properly.
  9. shdus1

    Page on x10hosting not working, homepage needs update

    This page, which is linked to by the front page, doesn't work: And the front page should be updated to reflect the changes that were made to free hosting.
  10. shdus1

    Lost all my databases and users

    When I go into MySQL databases from cPanel, I see that I don't have any databases or users. But that is absolutely not true. I have two or three databases, and a slew of users!
  11. shdus1

    What happens when too many emails are sent

    Instead of automatically suspending accounts that send out to many emails, could the accounts just be temporarily blocked from sending emails (until the hour runs out)? I think many users that have been suspended for sending out too many legitimate emails would appreciate this.
  12. shdus1

    Absolut down?

    I'm trying to access a friend's site who uses absolut, and it is down. I also tried pinging the website and pinging absolut, to no avail.
  13. shdus1

    Error code: DEADBEEF

    An error occurred attempting to process your request. Please try again momentarily. (Error Code DEADBEEF) I won't even ask about the choice of name for the error code. But I can't log in to cPanel. But my website works.
  14. shdus1

    Space and bandwith pie graphs

    I posted an issue here, but it got closed. I was told to post again after the migrations are done, which seems to basically be the case. Here is the link:
  15. shdus1

    How much space do I have?

    On the page with my webhosting information, it says how much space I have left. This is the image:,91&chs=300x180&chco=002233&chdl=45MB+Used|455MB+Free&chtt=Disk+Space+Usage+(Max+2+GB)&chts=2B2B2B,12 It says the max is 2 GB, but it also says...
  16. shdus1 is down is showing a 'Default Website Page'
  17. shdus1

    Change signature not working

    When I try to change (add) my signature on the forums, the page to edit the signature takes a while (a long while) to load, and then I get this error: Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
  18. shdus1

    Account lost

    I cannot log into my account. I think I was deactivated due to inactivity. Can this be reversed?
  19. shdus1

    My account

    Oops. Wrong page. Please delete.
  20. shdus1

    All pages giving a wierd compilation error

    All the aspx pages in my site (currently just two because I deleted the others) give a weird compilation error. Test.aspx is an example.