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  1. Christopher

    Need designs for SigMessenger - 300 credits each

    Hello, Some of you may remember a website I had a while back called SigMessenger (or SigChat). I'm reopening it and need designs. SigMessenger is a service that lets you put a chat room in a forum sig, email sig, etc. The images need to have a spot where I can put the user's name (for example...
  2. Christopher

    A Day in the Internet

    Interesting image I saw today. From
  3. Christopher

    Chrome OS download

    There's a VM version of ChromeOS available at already! The VMware image works fine in VirtualBox. From my first impressions, this has not lived up at all to the ideas people had of what it would be. Seems to simple.
  4. Christopher

    Google Wave

    Anyone here get a wave invite? I finally got mine today but have no one to test it with. Anyone want to run a conversation on it with me? :) If you are in it, what are your impressions of it so far? When I registered today I found it quite confusing. I had to wait for quite a while for the...
  5. Christopher


  6. Christopher

    [5000 credits] Need a logo

    Hello. I have a logo that I need remade. The problem with the logo I have is it is not a vector. I need something similar to the image below just as a vector. It does not have to be exact. I will pay 5,000 credits.
  7. Christopher

    [200 credits] Javascript Fix

    Never mind. I have found a workaround.
  8. Christopher

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone!
  9. Christopher

    [2500 Credits] Fix two javascript problems

    I need someone to fix so it works in IE8 and make it work on text areas. I will pay 2,500 credits.
  10. Christopher


    Hello! I am in need of testimonials for our new site. If you would like to write one, please put it in a reply to this topic along with the domain of your site if you want that included. Length does not matter. Thank you!
  11. Christopher

    [1500 Credits] Main Website Template to WordPress Conversion

    I need my website template converted to a wordpress template. You can see the template at You can download it at I will pay 1,500 credits.
  12. Christopher

    CSS Fix (500-700 credits)

    I need a fix for the menu problem you can see in the screenshot at The menu should look like it does in opera (to the right). CSS code is below. I will pay 500 credits for a fix. 700 if one is given to me by 7:30pm CST. * {padding:0; margin:0;}...
  13. Christopher

    Strange sound Those sounds are coming from my monitor accompanied by flickering. It started with some intense flicking and then the screen going black. It does not do that anymore but parts still flicker and flash. Is it safe to still use this? Afraid it's going to blow...
  14. Christopher

    This is not official support!

    The forums are no longer the method for official account support. Please use our ticket system at if you require official support. If you do use this forum do not give your password to anyone who is not staff. If you are asked for your password by member not part...
  15. Christopher

    If you get the Apache / CentOS test page...

    Please read
  16. Christopher

    Can't login? Site not loading? READ!

    We are in the process of transferring all of our free servers to a new datacenter. Until it is posted that the move is done for your server DO NOT post anything saying you can't login or your site is not loading. News and Announcements Forum:
  17. Christopher

    [REQ][700 Credits] CSS Fix

    I need the css code for the header ad on so it looks right in IE. It should look like the header ad on I will pay 700 credits to the person who can provide a fix.
  18. Christopher

    Giving away 200 credits every week!

    At ExchangeCore I am now giving away 200 x10Hosting credits every week! To be eligible, register at ExchangeCore and make sure you enter your x10Hosting forum username in the appropriate field. Then make three posts and you'll be entered for that week! The winner of the 200 credits will be...
  19. Christopher

    [OFF][Bid]Selling (Credits or Paypal)

    I am selling for credits or USD. The site is pretty much dead since I have lost intrest in it. So it's up for sale now. The files and database will be included if you want them. It expires on 10-Mar-2009. It has been registered since 10-Mar-2007. Post an offer and I'll...
  20. Christopher

    Free custom graphics @ ExchangeCore

    At ExchangeCore we are offering 100% free graphics, website templates, and php scripts! This is not a limited time offer. This offer stands until our site goes down! To place a order, visit We are now also giving away a free domain name...