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    What script should i use for a internal collaboration site.

    After having just gotten the FIRST robotics website i manage upgraded to joomla 3, i have decided that it would be a good idea to also in another sql database, have a site that can be used internally (By the robotics team) for document collaberation, basically post documents on the site that...
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    i need to upgrade a joomla 2 site to joomla 3

    the website i manage needs to get upgraded to joomla 3. i already checked all my plugins, and they will stay the same. the issue is i need to keep my databases and everything, including the content and my template. the template is a beez2 modified template. what i need to know how do i go...
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    Need space increaced

    The website i am running on this account is for a non profit orginization and we need some more space. some how we have used up the 1gb of space provided. I dont know how but it appears to have happened. please help.