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    Unsuspension Requests

    Dear support team, Could you please unsuspend my account at ? Not sure why it is suspended, received no notifications. Thanks, Sharif Status Suspended I get this message: This Account Has Been Suspended The web hosting account associated with this website has been...
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    Unsuspension Requests

    Hello, Good evening. Could you please remove the suspension of my site at TIA Shariful
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    Resolved How to access my website after migration

    Hello, I have been happily using x10hosting for many years. I have a personal website at Now it does not work and I do not have any access to my website. Could you please help? Thank you very much for your kind support. Regards, Sharif
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    Can't login into my website

    Dear Support Team. I have been trying to login into my website for the last few days....but I get the following error: Please help! Thanks, Sharif Completing sign in Please standby while you're transferred to the hosting control panel. An error has occurred processing your request.
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    All my files are gone!

    Dear Admins, I can't find any of my files related to my web-sites! Please help! Thanks Sharif
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    FTP and guest book problem

    Dear all, I have two problems: 1) I have been trying to use coreftp to connect my newly created website...I tried exactly the way it is instructed...but still I can not connect! :( 2) I have added a php guesbook (gbook)...but as I tried to look at it...