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    Account warning nor reason!

    why was my account suspended without warning or reason i need to know....and i need my full backup of my (SCRIPT) and (SQL) because i taught this host was a lot more professional than this....!
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    Cant access cpanel....

    i have.....been trying to access my account for 4 days now and i cant get it wanna put updates on my site and am not able to do so whats wrong please inform me
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    500 internal server error

    whats up with that i have been getting that on my site for the last 3 days and am losing members because of it whats going on ???
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    some info

    how long does it take for your site to be up on x10hosting....? i am on it for about 9 hours are more now and all now my site is no up....and plus in my sql data base its saying 0.00MB and there is 51 whats the deal?
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    How does site get suspending on x10hosting

    please explain what are the terms for a site to get suspended....and will the owner be notified before its suspended......
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    Name Servers(DNS)

    umm hi am new here and i about to use x10 freehost and i am hosting my .us domain but i do not know the name servers(DNS) can some please provide them to me DNS1 and DNS2 thanks much...