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    SQL Database Upcount?

    Hello, me and a few longtime friends created a programming forums for people around the world to educate eachother. We are asking for a few moe SQL Databases to be added to our limit just until we can afford paid hosting. We have alot of SQL work with different...
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    Emulous Tech Community Programming Forums

    Hey!, Me and a few long-time friends are making a Programming forum to spread the word and educate people all over the world. Our passion for programming has brought us together for this huge project. We're currently building our website and would like you guys to help us...
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    Im having very bad Issues with the 403 Forbidden error trying to make my community look that way i want it, SMF has told me to ask my hosting company to disable mod_security and to see if i have ownership of all files on the webserver. I cannot edit anything, StlyeSheets, Pages or even themes &...