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    Your food is poisoned - must read

    Much of what you are saying can not be true. Especially the whole idea of mixing ecoli DNA with corn is just absurd. Also, with the whole legislation crap, it just makes it really untrue. Give me significant proof and I might believe.
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    firefox 4 more like chrome

    It basically looks like Opera to me
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    Lagron ....I Made it to the top 5 link ranking on google for my site...

    Hey just letting you know that the 01 image on your website is still busted. It is being covered by your picture. If this is intentional then it looks great lol but if it is not I would fix it. Nice job on getting in the Google top five search as even for only getting around 1900 hits a month...
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    My Begin Page Up and Running

    My website is called It is a website for charities and non-profit organizations can meet with regular people to gain more members and for charities to become more prominent in our world. It is obviously just the starting page and my website is now just starting as this web...
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    Looking for charities/ people just wanting to help

    Well, I have recently been working on one project called the Switching to Linux website. Currently, I am at a brick wall with this one so I am now working on another great idea with one of my favorite things in the world, charities. I have always liked helping people and seeing that smile on...
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    Review My Site

    I agree with the last posts. The advertising is really distracting and so the content looks like nothing compared to the content. What you may want to do is lower the amount of advertisements until you get a great following and then start to add some. This is just my suggestion but overall it...
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    Switching to Linux website

    Well, for those that have been keeping track of my new website I am now working on a major project for it. I will now be only writing 50 articles for the launch of the site. The main reason for this cut back has been the project. This project will be an amazing new feature to the website. It...
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    Who Loves Making Money? Please Review My Site.

    If you need a good flair technique, look into JQuery. It is a library of Javascript and it is really easy to use. Also, it adds a lot more flair to a website than you might imagine. If you need help with it, I have no problem with doing that because I have just finished up the JQuery and...
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    Who Loves Making Money? Please Review My Site.

    The overall website is very clean and organized. There are few areas that I would work on. The first was mentioned above, the logo background is white whereas the background of the website is eggshell. Second, your 01 on the first page is hidden behind the picture. I do not know if this was...
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    Switching to Linux website

    I really like your website. It is very clean and the information that you have posted is great. That is a great idea and it will be implemented into my website. I am just throwing this out there, we could have a partnership with each others website. This could benefit both you and me. Again, it...
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    HTC Evo

    Overall it looks like a good phone and honestly any phone that is competition for the iphone is one that I like.
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    Switching to Linux website

    Well I have been working on a major new project of mine. It is a website called Switching to Linux. It is all about obviously switching to this operating system from Windows or OSX. Now the reason why I am putting this here is, when the website is up and running, would you be willing to see the...
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    Is it common to keep Sucking at Creating a Website?

    Well for all of you that have been keeping up to date on my website here is just a little bit more information on how things are going. I have finished up the whole design and have finished up some major jquery, css, and php work. I am now finishing up my articles and so after that is done the...
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    Wireless PCI Card vs USB

    Okay, this is my opinion. A PCI card is better for the following reasons: 1.When I had a USB wireless device, every time I would switch things around, I would have to reinstall the drivers for it. It hated being unplugged and the thing was just temperamental. This actually has been a problem...
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    Best Linux Distribution

    Well my ultimate favorite is Gentoo. I love it for me being able to personalize it totally. I am currently working on a website to help people switch over to Linux. I am also going to start a campaign to try and get certain game companies to start trying to make games that are proprietary for...
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    When did computers and technology stop being geeky?

    It has become the way of all technology. Only the "geeks" first used the telephone. Only the "geeks" or crazies flew airplanes in the beginning. Once something is made that the everyday user can use it then it becomes mainstream. And this is honestly what was going to happen and needed to...
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    Need help with a building a secure form

    Okay. I will try that and let you know what happens. Right now it seems like the Chopin servers are down so I can not do anything until they are back up. Thank you again for that help. I basically have the php forms all laid out so now it is just getting it to the email address is all.
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    Need help with a building a secure form

    Thank you for that! I will be using that website to make my forms secure. Can anyone help me with creating a php and html form that will submit the data it gets to me in e-mail form. I have been trying to do this but it keeps sending the form with the e-mail address. This does...
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    Need help with a building a secure form

    Hello, So I have finished up pretty much everything for my website except the two forms that I need. I need them to be secure and I need them to go straight to my e-mail. If anyone has an idea on how to do this that would be great because, again, this is the last part of my website that needs work.
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    Is it common to keep Sucking at Creating a Website?

    Okay this is what I keep trying to get across to everyone. This is not for money making. This is a help website to help those that want to switch. Ads. are not going to be a big deal on my website because I know how everyone gets tired of seeing them. The only thing that I might be incorporating...