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    Describe my site.

    How would you describe my blog? Please rate it as well if you want. Thanks :)
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    Review my Forum

    How does it look so far? This is my first attempt at starting a forum and hopefully soon a chatroom. Is there anything I should know before this site kicks into full gear? also, can I post review my sites that are not hosted on x10?
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    Paypal won't let me login to my forum.

    I just finished my forum and added the required advert to the bottom of the overall_header.html through the phpbb3 administrator control panel. Then I'd thought I'd add a paypal donate here button to the left of the ad. So I copied and past the paypal donate code with div align left and /div...
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    home backups and freak experiments?

    What is the best way to copy my entire home directory from the x10 host to my spare partition on my home computer? Id liked to do two things. 1.Create a local backup and 2.Have a place to safely experiment with new ideas and scripts without destroying a my live website.