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    Could you please unsuspended my account for a lack of activity thanks.
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    Big Sigs,

    Mabey we should have a rethink at how big forum sigs can be, you see some people with masive photos in there sig and it gets a bit crazy, sometimes if there is allot of them in one my internet connection even takes some time to download them.
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    Looking to do paid posting.

    I am looking to do paid posting, Preferably not for a individual site but a larger network if anybody knows of any good networks I can join that have work then I would be glad. I will only accept pay-pal possibly other forms if you speak with me. I am a full time student as well as having to...
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    Blocked on Facebook

    Hey guys I hope this is the correct location for this kind of thing, anyway when ever I post a link to my website to a friend on facebook it tells me something about abusive content and will not let me post the link:rant2:. I use a url shorter so I can send the link but yeah facebook has me...
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    I used to have an Account here

    I used to have an account here about 2 or 3 years ago. So what happened to the free hosting With ads? I think you guys should bring that back! Sorry if it is still available but I cannot see it anywhere. Don't Worry I do not need it but they were damn good plans. Also Guys good work so far...
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    My YouTube Blog Vlog

    Give me the good bad and suggestions anyway lachyTV My YouTube Account