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    Unblock an IP Address

    @Anna A friend of mine was at my house trying to get into x11, and it was denying his password quite a few times causing the x11 server to completely block the IP altogether. Whenever he accesses it from my house now, it says it timed out, while his cellular goes right to it. If IP *REDACTED*...
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    Domain Stopped Resolving

    Hello, it’s like my domain and any other x10 domain has just disappeared off of the public internet. Nothing on x10 resolves anymore no matter whose DNS servers I attempt. EDIT: Only the root ones stopped resolving, like but all subdomains of it are resolving.
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    Enable DNSSEC

    It would be nice to see that enabled as it provides an additional layer of protection for our DNS Records.
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    DirectAdmin Help Button

    I know that under the Help & Support on the Nav for DirectAdmin has a help button that links over to the community, but there seems to be a problem in that link. The button links over to which results in a could not find it error.
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    Server x11

    A friend of mine on x11 wanted me to let x10 know that someway somehow after the DirectAdmin update was performed, first off kudos for keeping up to up to date more often than cPanel, that SSL and https features have become enabled again on server x11. He wanted me to let you guys know before...
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    Reporting Abuse

    Hello, reporting an abuse of policy by a user on the x13 server. Their abuse is causing the IP for the x13 server to appear on blacklists. Upon research the user seems to be on the following domain: It is reported as a malicious redirect here on their site: <URL removed>
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    Using Cloudflare Nameservers

    My friend on x11 changed their name servers to Cloudflare almost a whole week ago. Is it supposed to affect where the root domain resolves to as well for DNS? I get it if it only mainly affects the www, but I thought doing the name servers would even affect the root domain as well. Its ok with...
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    Why Do DKIM Checks Fail?

    A friend of mine is using x10 directly to handle email on a subdomain of the domain. DKIM is enabled along with SPF and DMARC. Out of the reports that come in, they keep stating that the DKIM has failed and that was why messages get put to Junk boxes. Why do they keep failing.
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    Is Server x13 Websites Down?

    Is server x13 currently getting an extra load at the moment? The only reason I ask, is because my site is not responding, it was yesterday. The message I get from my browser says "the server where the page is located is not responding." I can only get to access DirectAdmin.
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    Accidentally deleted Domain

    @Anna I accidentally deleted it from DirectAdmin, can staff put it back please? I try to add it back and it keeps telling me it already exists. Or to at least apply a backup from yesterday on the account that puts everything back. Thank you in advanced.
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    Enable Certain Features - DirectAdmin

    Enable the Dark Mode for Evolution theme and modern icons. I have DirectAdmin on an in-house server running and it has these options as DA provides them by default. Since they are enabled by default for the user to choose, I have no idea why someone would make the decision to not allow it and to...
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    Subdomains Did Not Migrate

    The subdomains did not migrate for me. The records and files were still there for it, but it did not reflect in DirecrAdmin nor did it actually display content. It just displayed the apache message. I re-added one to see if it works. However, after doing so messed up the pull with Cloudflare...
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    Webalizer Custom Configuration

    I allow for showing the website statistics publicly currently at the moment. What I was wanting to do was optimize the html files generated to allow them to support dark mode. I was able to change two of the files over to dark mode. The issue is, whenever Webalizer goes to update those files the...
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    phpMyAdmin Update Request

    I'm not sure if it is out of date for all servers or not. Was finally able to get back to phpMyAdmin on x13 and it is saying an update is available for it to update from 4.9.2 to 4.9.3. Was wondering if it possible to request it to be updated?
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    This Website Is Not Secure

    I’m getting the message because my site keeps redirecting to https:// for some reason. It’s redirecting to https:// before it even redirects to Cloudflare to use https:// I removed .htaccess and created an all new one and removed any forced redirects and it still does it. I’m not sure if it...
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    Severs starting to get messed up

    Looks like x10 returned to configuring servers differently, they should all be configured the same feature wise. For example, I’m on x13 and my friend is on x11. At first we both had the same features. Then on x11, they disabled seeing system information, normally this was allowed under...
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    Subdomains, Databases, and CNAME Records

    I was just migrated from xo2 to x13 and noticed the following things, 1. When trying to access my subdomains, they do seem to correctly point to this server and the records are there, but I get an apache is functioning normally message and those subdomains are not listed on DirectAdmin console...
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    DirectAdmin With Cloudflare

    Since DirectAdmin does not have a cloudflare app as far as I’m aware of, would there be different steps to go through with having cloudflare?
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    cPanel Dark Mode

    As the title states. cPanel does provide it to all customers. Not sure if servers need to be updated further to support it or not.
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    I feel employees should still be active more on here. I look at it this way. If you hope people would buy from you, support for free accounts should be half decent at least. Anymore if I email support to get a direct message from an employee, they refuse to help even if it is a server issue.