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    Log in history is incorrect

    FYI - I got the suspension warning email so logged in today, but when I check the log in history, it's wrong. I have an email alert set to remind me and I definitely logged in in November and December but it shows October as the last log in.
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    Can't access control panel

    Asked this 2 months ago but got no response and it's still an issue: @Anna @garrettroyce The hosting control panel link (pointed at now times out with an error that the site took too long to respond.
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    Not getting password reset email....

    Trying to do monthly log in but am not getting the reset email. Please help. Thanks!
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    Resolved Cannot change password

    I've tried changing it in my account -get the success message, but the new password doesn't work, the old one does. Also tried the reset link - got the email but the link just directs to the log in page and I'm back in the admin page with no option to update password. I tried the new password...
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    Resolved Getting the "Apache is functioning normally" message (old Prime account)

    This was set up as a Prime account in March 2014, and I understand you migrated your servers but the site is no longer accessible at the new server ( Any way to get this site restored?
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    Caching is killing me

    I make css edits and can see the updates aren't reflected in the active stylesheet...for a long time. Eventually they show up but it makes working on a site nearly impossible. I'm all in favor of caching but not if I can't turn it off. Is it going to stay this way or can we expect an improvement?