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  1. animewatch

    wordpress plugin

    hi i visited this website and i bieleve that they are using wordpress, if not please tell me what they are using and also how may i find a plugin that displays forums the way it does on thier site.
  2. animewatch

    Error suspended

    For some reason i could not post my message in the suspended section, even though accountpanel said to do so... please tell me whats wrong. Anyways this is what i wanted to say. My account was suspended because of resourse use, so now i want to upgrade to the next level, i was on free hosting...
  3. animewatch


    Hi ive registered with and dont know how to ask questions and get awnsers fast enough. So i want to ask here, to the poeple who use alot. Ive redirected to x10ns nameservers now what do i do? ive also gone to parked domains and typed in the URL of the domain i got...
  4. animewatch

    I need a Flv convertor

    Hi I am looking for a good flv convertor that i could use to convert flv to mpeg (i dont mind any extra fetures) . I want it to be totaly free and not place any watermarks on whatevr i convert and i want it to be safe. I also dont want the flv converotor on ripzor. So if you have any...
  5. animewatch

    Domain name help

    Hi I am looking into a domain name and want to know several things. Please give me a step by step guide, (not long) on how to regsiter and point a domain to my site . Please give me a domain registerar and tell me how will it work. Thanks.
  6. animewatch

    Volunteer staff no requirements

    Hi i am looking for vulonteer staff for my anime website All i am looking for for now is atleset people to update broken links and add new ones. You would be expected to contribute atlest 1 hour + a week.
  7. animewatch

    HElp with SMF simple machine forums

    Hi i need some help, i installed the SMF simple machine forums from fantastico, however the url wont work properly somtimes it works sometimes it dosent, see for yourself (keep refreshing the page if it works the first time and you will notice somtimes it wont work)...
  8. animewatch

    Free domain

    I found this website , check it out, they offer free domains (full domains like .com .org .net but i cant fully understand how to get points so i plan to use the referal method, wich i sorta what i am doing now. Anyways if you register and fill out survys or purcahce produts using the methods...
  9. animewatch

    help! internal server error 500

    I just had an internal server error on my site the number was 500 Also it happened out of nowere. I was logged on to worpress, but i wasnt on an editing page i was on my site. it was the only window open. I clicked a link to a webpage on my site, and the error...
  10. animewatch

    Need volunteer staff!!!

    Hi I am currently the owner of and i am lookinf for atlest 3 more staff members. I currently have one member in the process and 1 waiting. I still will need 3 more. I will make you an editor giving you the ability to edit and delete pages. Please note* you are...
  11. animewatch

    Looking for someone....

    Hi I am making an offer to anyone who has basic editing skills to team up with me and help me update my website. Everyone knows that owning your own website and maintaining it is a huge pain. So if someone who is intrested in anime wants to share the job i am looking for a partner. My...
  12. animewatch

    Riview my site

    Hi i am lloking for someone to riview my website and rate it out of 10 Also please point out anything that i should fix if you can, i am open to any constructive criticism heres the link
  13. animewatch


    i keep geting some sort of error that looks like this, i also get a weird eroor while trying to use wordpress what should i do? Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4864 bytes) in /home/anime101/public_html/index/mod/calendar/class/Calendar.php on...
  14. animewatch

    Major problem!

    Hi, i made my account and heres the problem, I canot login to the account page on x10 but the cp login works, whats wrong?