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  1. Dutch

    I need your help!

    Get Battlefield rules! It will keep you busy for ages. ;)
  2. Dutch

    what is your favourite shooter game ?

    Re: what is your shooter game ? Battlefield 2 and R6. The older Call of Duty titles were great but 4 blows. I like the MOH series as well.
  3. Dutch

    ATI or nVidia?

    I push N cards big time. However, ATI cards are not that bad, and never have been. With AMD's purchase of ATI, the v-cards will become much more reliable and competitive. My nVidia rep personally stated that AMD's purchase of ATI has sent a big scare to the suits of N. Edit: When? Twice as...
  4. Dutch

    AMD or INTEL for a new purchase ? Hope this helps.
  5. Dutch

    AMD or INTEL for a new purchase ?

  6. Dutch

    Driveway For Sale or Trade

    I've decided that I've had it with snow blowing my driveway. It's too long and we're getting alot of snow this year. The driveway is around 300 feet long and about 15 feet wide. We're due for another 7-9 inches of new snow tomorrow, so I'd like to get this settled asap! I'd be willing to trade...
  7. Dutch

    Cube Cart, OS Commerce, or Zen Cart?

    Which one is best, as far as professional looking and easy to use?:dunno: