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  1. eboyer

    Snow Leopard

    Alright mac lovers out of curiosity how many of you will be upgrading right away when Snow Leopard comes out on Friday, August 28th. I have been following this pretty closely mainly because I want to go get a MacBook Pro for school and I did not want to go buy a laptop then 4 months down the...
  2. eboyer


    I was fooling around and I acidently deleted my htaccess file and now i am getting this error in my error log. "[Sat Nov 3 20:58:11 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/eboyer/public_html/500.shtml" also i get a 500 internal server error when ever i try and go to...
  3. eboyer

    Xbox 360 Ring of Dealth after Halo

    Alright for all the Halo lovers and players, I got my copy of Halo 3 the day it came out, I played it everyday for a few hours, well on the third day i was horrified to find out that i had the red ring of death. I said to myself, "ok, just my luck." The next day i was talking to someother people...
  4. eboyer

    Hola a Todos

    Hola a todos, or for the english speakers hello everyone. Im Eric, i am from NY i love computers, and i work with them everydat. I think x10 is a good hosting company, so i decided to become more active ion the forums too.
  5. eboyer

    PHP Version Upgrade Request

    cPanel Username: eboyer Domain/Subdomain: Hello i put in a request to have my PHP version upgraded to Advaced but it was not accepeted. Well i am trying to install Moodle an open soruce course managment software i have it uploaded but i get this error...