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  1. Bwanana

    Ads popping up in a new window?!

    Hey there, I was trying out the ads on my site (as you do) and I noticed that they don't open in a new window :hyper: . It's not much of a big problem but visitors get directed away from my site, directly. Is there any way to get them to open in a new window??? Cheers for ya help...
  2. Bwanana

    Hey there, I came across this site the other day: Apparently, they pay you to host images with them and you get points/money whenever the image is viewed. I've no idea if this is a scam or not and I personally have not signed up for it but I was...
  3. Bwanana

    Does having too much affect computer performance?

    Hi there, Sorry if this seems like such a newbie question, but if you have more content on your PC, is it likely that it will slow down? I run defragmentations weekly and am currently running a laptop - 31.2 GB left out of 52.4 GB. :runaway: Thanks for yo' time :dancingna :hyper::facesjump
  4. Bwanana

    A webcam on your desktop???

    Hi there, Does anybody know if it's possible to get a live streaming webcam feed on your desktop? I thinks it's unlikely but I thought I'd ask anyways. Cheers :runaway:
  5. Bwanana

    A big hello from Bwanana!!!

    Hiya all! I'm Bwanana - I used to be a member of the old x10 forums :runaway: . I'm hoping - much like a lot of you out there - to get some free hosting and I hope I win the lottery system although I'd much rather win the REAL lottery! :kdubb: Anyways I like the new site/forums design and...