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  1. jenovax1

    HelioHost - Community powered free hosting for everyone!

    About Us We're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization powered by a community of hobbyists that offer full-featured web hosting services for free. We won't try to upsell you to any paid plans but if you appreciate our service we encourage you to make a donation. We own our own hardware, which we...
  2. jenovax1

    Probably asking for it but...

    I am probably gonna get my ass handed to me, but... Please review my site:
  3. jenovax1

    Cloudflare Signup button not working

    Hello. Just wanted to let you know that the signup button for cloudflare isnt working on my free account.
  4. jenovax1

    Upgrade to unmeatered

    Hi, do you know if maybe you can upgrade my account to unmeatered? thanks in advanced.
  5. jenovax1

    ISP blocked

    Both Walmart and McDonalds ISP's are blocked. Could you unblock them? Thanks.
  6. jenovax1

    Database host

    I was trying to transfer my forum (phpbb 2.2) from my one host ( to this one ( and I have been having database problems. Forum is here. I created a thread on their forums and inevitably I was told to come here for support. My question is: What is the database server...
  7. jenovax1

    Servers are down?

    Hello. I cannot access my CP or my site. Are the servers down? Thanks. BTW: my site is: