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    pay to click sites for sale

    i have a lot of ptc sites for sale at
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    need partner who is pro in php

    need a partner who is a pro in php and wants to make a few extra bucks helping me install scripts on websites.You will install and sometimes write the script.I will promote,do seo work and then sell the site.We will split 50/50 after expenses.I will front any money for domains,hosting script...
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    please delete this is an error

    please delete i posted this twice in error
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    php script help

    I have a new php script i put up and need some help if anyone has some time i cant pay.I will thank you though.Pm me and i will give you details and cpanel access thanks i am not very good with php and cant figure this bug out.
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    500 clicks to your site for link in signature

    I am offering 500 ptc clicks to your site for one month of adding my link to your signature. Must have 200+ posts and post at least 15 times a week. the link i want added is with anchor text of Free Fun Surveys The clicks are pay to click but i use them and some people do...
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    300 credits to help installing script{php}

    I am starting a new Pay to click website and have the script i need to make it work.I need someone to install it for me as i have no php knowledge and cant get it to work.I am sure this is a simple job but i need someone to do it for me Ill pay you 300 credits plus give you 10,000 free clicks to...
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    google Indexed In 3 Days

    This is a freebie but you can donate a few credits if you like or at least thank me.Ive done this with about 10 websites and this isnt an affiliate link go to It is spidered daily by google. Look at todays top articles read 3 or 4 for and post a relevant comment like this. For...
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    Free PR 5 Backlink

    I am an editor with a pr 5 directory in the business section which includes Commodities Computing Finance Global_Commerce_and_Government Human_Resources Industry_Specific Law Management News_and_Resources Non_Profit Professional_Associations_and_Organizations Sales_and_Marketing...
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    I will manually submit your site to 25 pr3 and up directorys for 1000 credits. Email me if you are interested
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    Hundreds Of Free Backlinks

    Anyone who pays $10 for a pr 2 backlink or even 20 of them is crazy.If you are willing to write an article join this site and write an article or ten of them and they will post your article to 10 different blogs with mostly pr2 and up for free.They will allow you to put 2 links in each article...
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    how to use new domain

    I am using a free domain here and I just bought a domain name at go daddy.How do I use it here and I would like to keep my old free domain up and running if possible.
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    Best Ways For Free traffic From Twitter

    I use a program called tweet whistle that basicly gets you 1000s of followers on twitter in a few days on autopilot in addition it sends out tweets advertising your site every few minutes all over twitter.It actually does a lot more than that but I dont even know how to use all of its...
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    relevant link exchange wanted

    I have a site up that ranks #4 in google for the term "free sign up survey to make big money" I am interested in link exchange with relevant sites with traffic of at least 1000 per month website Email me with your traffic stats
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    free domain name

    I have a free domain name{} but i would like to have a second one. Is that permitted and do I just sign up again or what?
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    Screen resolution help

    With different screen resolutions my website is to large and has a scroll bar on lower resolutions I know their is a fix for this. Can anyone tell me exactly what it is? Remember I am a little slow and need detailed instructions
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    My website was recently indexed by jayde and they seem to have skipped my home webpage and indexed my crappy forum page that I havent had time to work on yet. I was recently playing with the robot.txt and am wondering if this was the cause. Anyway my questions are 1. What should be in my...
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    how to publish files

    1. I am sure this is a stupid question but my website is however my homepage is at where do i upload to in order to get rid of the /tony
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    please review my site

    My site still needs some work but I would welcome all comments here