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    The Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up and the Acceptable Use Policy disallows you from posting warez, cracks, etc. Also, x10hosting reserves the right to suspend your account at any time, for any reason. As this is covered under Zero Tolerance, you will not get your files back...
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    Improve Free Hosting

    Livewire, My nick was dropped as I just found out :P But it should allow me to identify from another nickname to that nickname/account on services. leafypiggy, it has happened in the past and I have seen the issue come back now and then :P
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    Improve Free Hosting

    Improve Free Hosting & IRC Abuse/Problems Mainly improve the free hosting services a little bit :P My first impression of a hosting service goes with the first package I get. As much as I am promised it is better in every way possible, its my first opinion that counts. And the free hosting...
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    MediaWiki and EyeOS

    *** YOU POSTED IN THE WRONG AREA! *** This should go under Free Hosting Support! --------------------------------------------------------- And I think MediaWiki is allowed, however eyeOS is not.
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    unsuspend my account

    Yes, people are here and are looking at this thread... Please be patient and wait for an admin to reply...
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    What is your prefered programming language?

    I see PHP is a very popular language :)
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    Site Problem

    Keep in mind there is a big server migration in progress from Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL. Hopefully not much longer :P Again: As that person said... the admins have been notified and thats the best we can do. We just have to wait for them to fix the configuration on the server.
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    What is your prefered programming language?

    What programming language do you program with? (Poll attached) Me? I'd rather go with PHP or Perl.
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    WTF is his problem?

    Adding to that... why did you post this in Offtopic section? And what did you expect was going to happen?
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    Not able to login

    It is telling you that your forum account is not linked with your hosting account. What likely caused this is you not setting up the forum account correctly during the account creation. Use the forum account you used at signup to login to the account panel... if the problem persists post back on...
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    Start me up?

    You dont always need MySQL for everything. Although it is very useful in scripts.
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    MySQL Databases disappeared

    x10hosting is currently having problems with the MySQL on the free servers. The admins have been notified and hopefully this will be fixed soon. This is probably the cause of all your problems.
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    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.

    probably... but you should see the amount of banned accounts still here. There are some still here from the founding of x10hosting. You can leave your forum account online if you want or someone *might* be able to delete. If it is allowed/possible then it is definitely not within my power.
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    Start me up?

    HTML and PHP basic websites can run without MySQL. Not all websites require a MySQL database script ;)
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    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.Account Deletion Req

    Re: Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.Account Deletion raoul_me: if you are by any chance the user raoul89 just how many accounts did you create. And please stop double posting (if you are raoul89).
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    Start me up?

    Adding to what Daniel Said: It can usually update within a couple of hours these days.
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    Please Remove my suspension

    And you probably wont get your files back... ALWAYS READ THE AUP AND TOS BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR SOMETHING!: Terms and Conditions Acceptable Use Policy
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    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.

    Your forgot the X. You need to put an X for x10 admins to be able to delete your account. By the way... May I ask why you are deleting your account? If it is because of MySQL problems or database issues: We are currently having issues with the database connection with the new server. The...
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    MySQL Databases disappeared

    I had to migrate to another hosting package as my forum was very quickly compromised. They told me Apache offered them settings.php for download and it was my fault as I did not configure it correctly. As for the databases disappearing I doubt there gone... Just cPanel is not showing them...
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    And continuing from Danielx386's post... Your friend is not going to get his/her account back unless he/she are really lucky. It is covered under Zero Tolerance Policy and thus he/she cannot get your account back or any of your files. You have got to remember that this is a Shared hosting...