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    Facebook and other social networking site is one big SCAM!

    I've written this article and I would like everyone to read it. Also, please bare in mind that I did have a bad time writing this. The article is depressing and the facts are true. Please read and comment... Word Count 1963 (Approx) Thank you.
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    Avoid getting ban from Google!

    Hi everyone! I've written this article for everyone to read and learn these mistakes to improve their ranking. However, due to large amount of text, I cannot pasted them here. It will also degrade xhosting search quality. So, here is a short exert for you to read. If you want to read the full...
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    Looking for recommended links (Read More....)

    I would like to post and asks everyone who has PR1 - PR3 that hosts contents, educational programming, tutorials and anything else that serves computer repair, reviews on electronic gadgets, digital art and design. We also accept Free Online Ebook websites for students!! Please email...
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    Lair360 website needs Sponsor! (Statistic Included)

    Lair360 is looking for sponsor! We need some help to keep the server going and keep it open for everyone to read, learn and download free resources for educational purposes. Therefore, we would like you to grab an ADS placement to support the server. Special Deal in US Dollar: 125 pixel *...
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    Create 2 banners + 1000 points + 7 weeks deadline!

    Dear guest and artist! Today is my special day and I am going to be away for 7 weeks. Therefore, I would like you all to create 2 of these specific sized banners with the following logos. However, banners sizes do applied.... 1.] A small banner and it must be animated GIF / Static PNG. Size...
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    SSL encrytion for my Site! Please review!!

    Dear members, I am happy to announce that I now got a dedicated IP address + SSL encryption through donations! I would lile to say thank you to... John Merry (London) Joseph Baker (London) Andrew Wright (Scotland) Thank you for making this possible! :) These encrytion will make user safe when...
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    200 points for user to join my forum and post!

    Hi everyone! My forum is a little dead, so I need some help to get my forum a kick start! So...any of you...please volenteer and register?? After that, please post a maximum of 10 post (which is not SPAM). THEN ...tada! 200 points will be given to you! Just PM me when you complete 10 post...
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    Advertise your website on Globalnews!

    Dear Members, Today, I am very happy to announced that, you can now advertise your website, blogs and forums on my dedicated website! Each ADS will be rotated on the four boxes (located on the right sidebar) or the main - horizontal Area, which is below all articles. Just check it out and...
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    Globalnews New look! Please review and please advice!

    Dear members, admin and everyone! For 2 months, I was very busy with my novel and I was also constructing a forum board for everyone to have fun and enjoy. But, since I am old forum was completely abandoned...then...the morons and advertiser came...they wrecked my place. So, I have to...
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    Oh my goodness...I can't stop crying...

    When I was playing this game: The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (PS3), I cried so much at the ending and at some parts + some trailers from the other spyro series...*sniff, sniff* It's so...emotional.:happysad: I cried through the entire credit, and my tissue is
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    OMG...all of you should read this!

    Hi everyone! I've found this blog and I fell off my chair when I read this article! All of you should read this....!!!
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    Htaccess - regular expressions

    Version: 16.1a Revision: 33 Build 18 Htaccess - regular expressions Introduction: many users these days aren’t sure about “htaccess” syntax and their regular expressions. So, I’ve written this article to stop you from getting confuse! . (full stop) - match any character and any single...
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    How to get traffic for your website

    This article is copyrighted by Lair360! Please don't steal this article!! ---------------------------------------- Version: 13.2 Revision: 11 Build 43 How to get traffic for your website Introduction: there are many websites and blogs which are hosted around the world. But, the biggest part...
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    Hey everyone! I am making a story and its going to be an Ebook!!

    Hi everyone! I am making a story and there is going to be a lot of twist, love, romance and funny scenes. I am doing this to raise money or in return for a donation. This book is going to be bigger, longer and I am going to turn this story into a staggering 1500 pages long! However, I am not...
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    20 points to anybody for adding my website to RSS reader.

    Hi everyone! Please support me by registering my website as RSS reader. You'll be rewarded with 20 points for adding my website to FeedBurner bookmark. RSS: Please use this template. RSS FeedBurner marked as: bookmarking services name from...
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    I have an announcement to make...

    Dear readers, bloggers and geeks, I am happy to make a toast to all readers that my server is now stable after the "Secondary DNS" integration. So, if one DNS server is down, three will take over and if 2 is down, the other will take over. This is usefull if your website is down for...
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    I am dieing to death here...where is Gran Turismo 5 (Full Edition)!!

    Oh my - heavensake...:frown: I wish that Gran Turismo 5 is here...I've been waiting and waiting and so on...still...nothing about Gran Turismo 5 (Full Release). P.S. I still play the prologue version. But, its getting really bored!! ....I need a Medicure for Gran Turismo. :happysad:
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    There is something that I need to tell you all - its very important!

    When I was doing my research, I began to felt something which is seriously bad... For those who is / are with Google Adsense, Pay Per click ads, Pay per leads ads, all of these company which produce these ads, they are all getting 99.9% of your money, shares and taking all of your credits...
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    My first Biggest eBook release! (Better than microsoft help file)

    Hi everyone! Its been 4 months before I completed my first "offline help book". This book contains about 100 articles + some other articles which aren't published on my online database. If you want to download my first eBook, please go to my blog: and download your...
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    Reduce Wordpress Bandwidth Consumption

    Copyright Notice: This tutorial was published by Lair360. There shall be no re-post of this article. Any attempt to steal this article is a criminal offence! I had a couple of Chinese and European users stealing my articles without proper permission. As a result, I had asked their hosting...