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  1. chaganlal1

    Make money on autopilot

    Sup yall I just have been doing so well with my site that I would like to show yall how to get 2k a month online by doing basicaly no work while your site generates revenue to your paypal account :) Holla at me if you want more information. I am going to walk you step by step. All it takes...
  2. chaganlal1

    Sup ... back

    Sup I have been on x10hosting since years but left after I lost interest, Now I need hosting again for a Arcade Game site venture looking to make a small profit off of it Hit me up if your interested in being apart of it, oh and how do you get hosting on here? Man things have changed since the...
  3. chaganlal1

    IM back

    hey sup x10hosting....I am back. Went out for a long long time. Wow things have changed so much dont recognize anybody but corey :) glad to be back
  4. chaganlal1

    sign me up for forum (1,500 points)

    Sign me up and give me my accout information at this board. 1500 first come first serve Thanks
  5. chaganlal1

    1000 points look inside for more info

    Edit El Reclutador 2003. I told you this actions are not allowed, if you want commerce, you must write what the user's must do. Reclutador
  6. chaganlal1

    $4 Paypal for your time (Updated)

    Hello I need People to signup and do an offer for me. Takes 5 minutes max. Doesn't cost anything. I am looking to pay $4 paypal for each person, got about $100 paypal to spend. Let me know. PM Me or hit me on aim Aim: l2yda
  7. chaganlal1

    $5 Paypal for 5 minuted of your time

    Hit me up on a pm. Or aim me sn: l2yda
  8. chaganlal1

    Paying $11 paypal look inside for info

    Hello I am looking to give out 11 dollars in paypal. PM me for more information.
  9. chaganlal1

    To All who need domains for free (please Look)

    Me and a friend have been pondering the idea that people out there have websites and actually need website domains. So we are thinking of making a rewards website where you would complete 2 or 3 of the advertiser's offers (Requiring No Credit Card) and refer 1-3 people to do the same. We are...
  10. chaganlal1

    (Off) Need Writers 10 points a blogpost

    Hey I just started a hiphop/etc blog and now need some staff/writers/admins I offer a low amount but it can addup. 10 x10 points per post. Let me know. Thanks
  11. chaganlal1

    Need Cheap reseller Hostign

    Title sums it up anybody have an idea where I can get cheap reseller hosting?
  12. chaganlal1

    (Off) Advertising on my website

    I am offerign advertising on my website a banner, text link, whatever you want. Please Post back with your offer.
  13. chaganlal1

    Ads from clicksor, bidvertiser

    Are they allowed someone told me to ask the admins and they have to specially approve me to put the clicksor and bidvertiser ads on my page I have the advanced hosting plan my domain is
  14. chaganlal1

    [off] 4,000 points for some time

    Hello I need 350 ezyrewards points so if you have them please go to the ezyrewards forums ( and ask them to transfer it to my account chaganlal1 user id: 72515 If you havent joined that site and would like to have 4,000 forum points join using this link...
  15. chaganlal1

    [OFF] Will Code Programs using visual basic

    I can code most anything in visual basic i.e. made a chat last week. For some Paypal $1-10 (depending on amount of time/work required - negioatable) I will code your program Let me know.
  16. chaganlal1

    [Req] 4k for PINS sent through cellphone txt msg's

    Offering 4k for the PINS sent through cellphone text messages for ringtones. Steps 1. I Will send pins from various cellphone ringtones companies and I will require you to save them or write down the PIN numbers. 2. Send me all the PIN numbers and You will get 4k forum points. Only...
  17. chaganlal1

    [REQ] 10 min of your time on your cellphone 4k points

    Hello I need someone to accept around 10 text messages to their cellphone from free ringtone different websites all i need is the pin number they send, as I am getting paid to signup. It will not cost you ANYTHING other then if you are charged the 5-10 cent per text message like some companies...
  18. chaganlal1

    [REQ] Ringtones 1-4k

    Hello I have just got my cellphone activated and now I am looking for some ringtones but have no idea how to get them....for there anyone that can help me? up to 4k for any help I have a Samsung d807 on Cingular. Let me know - thanks
  19. chaganlal1

    cingular pay as you go (prepaid plan)

    Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me out, I would like to activate that plan I dont know what I need to do in order to activate it. I have the phone and the sim card just need to activate it can anyone help?
  20. chaganlal1

    paypal payout

    I requested it about 2 weeks back and am wondering whats taking long and if the payment will come soon?