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  1. bigguy

    Happy New Year

    I want to wish everyone here a very safe and happy new year. I hope 2016 holds only the best for you. Have a great night all.
  2. bigguy

    Whats Ur Beef

    This site is hosted with x10 on a VPS. Take a look at the site and tell me what you think. Right now it is running: SMF 2.1 beta 2 EhPortal beta I have started working on the theme, which is just css edits at the moment and it's not done yet so go easy on picking it apart please, lol. What the...
  3. bigguy


    Anyone heard of MeWe and if you have what are your thoughts on it. They say it's more private than FB. Do you think this is true or just a way to get people to join. ??
  4. bigguy


    What's with the trial notice in WHM. When does this expire. I kinda thought it was included tbh. ??
  5. bigguy

    login invalid

    What's up with this. This is what it says when trying to login to WHM for my vps. login is invalid
  6. bigguy

    Guide for nameservers

    Is there a guide for setting up nameservers. ??
  7. bigguy

    Offering SMF Support

    I would like to extend my hand in helping support SMF forum software here at x10hosting. No; i am not staff here..... any more; but I used to be so I would like to think I have a bit of knowledge about the x10 servers. I run my own support site for SMF and the link can be found in my sig. I am...
  8. bigguy

    Retired staff

    Ya might be nice for the retired staff of this site to have a private board to chat in....Just an idea. How is everyone here doin anyway.:cool:
  9. bigguy

    Computer Pros

    Site Name: Computer-Pros Site Url: Standalone or Integrated: integrated with e107 Version of SMF: 1.1.3 This site was created with the sole purpose of giving you; the end user all the support you need to make your computing experience a great time, instead...
  10. bigguy

    Way back...

    when x10 was just being conceived, that would be around Apr 15, 2004 it looked something like this: CLICK April 11th 2005 The rest of the stages of x10 can be seen here, and so can almost any other site be seen here. I thought maybe ppl might find it interesting. :cool:
  11. bigguy

    SMF Helper

    Well I thought I had made a post showing you all my site but I guess I have not so here ya go. I just got finished making the front page and moving the forums. Any feedback is more than welcome:
  12. bigguy

    Are there any America's Army players here

    and do you need a clan. ??? Well I am starting one. We have a website and it is 90 % done. We also have rented a public server that will be upgrading to an honour server anytime now. (probably today) The web site is located at: The site is closed to guests as this...
  13. bigguy


    If you put a jet plane on a conveyor belt that was going in the oposite direction as the plane was and matched the speed of the jet exactly when the jet sped up...Would it take off. ??? :dunno:
  14. bigguy

    My Site

    Well I am almost done redoing my new theme on my site. Any feed back is appreciated. You can find it here: ;)
  15. bigguy

    Tabs for SMF

    I just wanted to tell everyone that I have released another modification for SMF. This puts tabs at the top of your forum. You can read more about it here: CLICK
  16. bigguy

    Packages for SMF

    I have packaged up a couple modifications for SMF. I thought I would tell everyone what they are. The first one that was done was Audible PM (Tiny Portal version available) This will sound an audible alert when you get a private message so it won't be missed. This package is for SMF 1.1 rc3 and...
  17. bigguy

    [REQ] phpbb help

    That`s all I`ll say for now pm me with your experience with phpbb specifically. Modification experience is required.
  18. bigguy

    mWW (My Windows World)

    Here is a description of my site: Taken from our "Statement of Purpose" This site (my Windows World) runs with the purpose of bringing you, the "end user" a friendly community based enviroment in which to openly discuss the MS Windows platform. We are not just limited to that though. There are...
  19. bigguy

    Changes to my site

    I made a few adjustments to my site and I was hoping for a bit of feedback if possible. Any and all is welcome. You can, check it out HERE or there is a link in my sig. What do you think ??? Register if you would like if not thats cool to I just wanted a bit of feedback is all. :-) :facesjump
  20. bigguy

    2 members needed

    I need 2 members from x10 to help me make sure that errors are gone off a site that will be up and running for x10 soon. The first 2 to post here can help out. After you post I`ll send a link to you in a PM.