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  1. cybrax

    Give somebody a Christmas they will never forget...

    Buy them a live turkey.:redface:
  2. cybrax

    Thought for the day..

    With Yahoo announcing it is going to shut down all its public chat room service full story here I was wondering... a: are we still allowed to run our own chat scripts here ? b: how would you make money from a chat site.... ???
  3. cybrax

    Musings of a digital peasant

    How important is the domain name to SEO and website promotion in general? With the likes of Google saying it's all about the quality of the crawlable content does a site even need a Top Level Domain Name to perform well in the search results. For instance a user searching for say.. Christmas...
  4. cybrax

    Things Clients Say To Web Designers

    If you think becoming a web designer is easy money, think again. A group of Irish designers recently took all the weird things clients have said to them and created posters to vent their feelings of anger & sorrow.
  5. cybrax

    Did you get paid from Adsense last month?

    I've just been checking my Google adsense stats and found out they have not paid me since August 2012 yet the performance reports say it is earning funds and wondered if anybody else is still waiting for money to arrive?
  6. cybrax

    Doomsday Preppers

    Is this a purely North American thing or are others around the world getting ready for one of the many variations on the Apocalypse (flu pandemic, economic collapse, solar storms, asteroid strikes, the return of the nephilim, magnetic pole reversal, crustal shifting, alien invasion etc )...
  7. cybrax

    Man dies after cockroach-eating competition

    I know times are hard in the USA but surely they taste better when cooked?
  8. cybrax

    Logo Fail

    A great example of why you should always get somebody else to take a look at your design and especially the logo artwork before going live.
  9. cybrax

    Fair Use and the Law

    What constitutes 'Fair Use' of copyrighted material as defined in law? Does a site have to abide by the legal system of the country given in its registered trading address or that of the country where the web server is physically?
  10. cybrax

    Work in progress

    Here's a little unfinished work in progress with a Science Fiction twist PS: turn on your speakers or grab your headphones ;)
  11. cybrax

    BOLO for Stolen Forum

    If you ever wondered why your forum suddenly drops down in the search results it could be somebody has cloned it. Passing it off as theirs as a way to kickstart traffic to an otherwise empty forum with no members or content. Recent Example: Here's the original forum and here's the cloned...
  12. cybrax

    Stoli SQL down?

    Before raising a support ticket I thought it better to find if it's just me or everybody getting this SQL error on Stoli ..
  13. cybrax

    Beware the Googlebot

    I don't know what Google have have done to their bot recently or maybe it's just my bad luck but I have had the Googlebot go berserk trying to index one of my projects* over at another web host and tripped the CPU useage limit. As a result I'm on suspension there lol! So as a warning to...
  14. cybrax

    Google Docs API

    I'm tring to upload a files to the google docs service using the api but have hit a dead end. The script below will move a plain text file but not a pdf.. according to the documentation they say it can be done but I'm going cross eyed reading it over and over again. Been tinkering with it but...
  15. cybrax

    Free Domains .com .net .info etc

    A fellow web wanderer over at another free web hosting provider came across this and those here may find it useful as well. The nice folk over at 'Intiut' are giving away top level domain registration for free PLUS the ability to change the name servers! The catch being if you want to keep the...
  16. cybrax

    Free Bouncing Ball Lottery Number Picker

    Free Bouncing Ball Lottery Number Picker Nice little HTML5 canvas demo, all done with javascript full details & external scripts can be downloaded OR there is an iFrame version for wordpress or blog embedding. Free customised versions upon...
  17. cybrax

    Lottery ball Picker

    Here's a quick little demo & script tutorial for HTML5 and its canvas feature. The code below will create numbered bouncing balls in a variety of colours each time they drop into the screen. Lots of tweekable settings to play around so have fun. Online Demo is here and the download links for...
  18. cybrax

    Link Spammers Wanted

    Yes, you did read that right lol! admin.. take a look at the homepage this is for real I'm doing some live testing of a comments script, no registration is required so just come over to, find the radio station and post to your hearts content. If you could...
  19. cybrax

    Wanted - Advertisment Code

    HI guys, need a little help here.. As part of an upcoming project/tutorial I need examples of different advertisers Javascript codes, like this one below for Google adsense. Ideally looking for layout type 460x60pixels (half banner) or anything sort of square 200 to 300px. Those who have...
  20. cybrax

    Spot the difference

    I feel a little cheated, what do you think?