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    Domain change request

    When I do this, it comes up with an error. I'm hoping for some help. Currently I'm at: I want to be at Thanks in advance! Edit: Okay, now my old domain is suspended for no reason whatsoever and the new domain doesn't work!
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    Bookmarklet Help (100 credits)

    I'd like to write a bookmarklet (small bit of JavaScript code) that keeps a running count on an external server without refreshing the page or opening a new window. So, for example, I want to be able to click the bookmarklet and have information sent to the server, and a little bar displayed in...
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    Layout Advice

    I'm making a layout for a new site, here's what it looks like now: I've been told that bevels such as I have are the hallmark of terrible web design, but I really like the way it looks in this case. Any opinions at all?
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    Credit Donation Doesn't Work

    Today when I click on Donate Credits, to any particular person or through the main menu, it redirects to the main page of the forum. What gives?
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    What services are needed here that aren't provided yet?

    I know that many people, like myself, have a bunch of skills that don't necessarily spring to mind when you're in the rut of the marketplace: graphic design, PHP coding, template design. Mine are mostly useless, like the ability to translate morse code and write in obscure versions of BASIC, but...
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    What is rep good for?

    I've looked in the obvious places (the useful information section, announcements, etc...), but I can't figure out what rep is actually good for. I did search, too, but to no avail. Does it translate into credits somehow? Do I get more privileges with more rep? This is probably quite simple...
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    Mysterious space between DIVs

    I'm throwing together a layout to test some header, background, and footer images I made. The problem is that the DIVs have unwanted whitespace between them. Any ideas? <HTML> <BODY style="margin:0px; padding:0px; border:0px"> <DIV align="center"> <DIV style="width:720px" align="left"> <DIV...
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    Looking for advertising space -- Great way to make credits!

    I'm looking to advertise the new graphic design signature shop you can see in my sig. That is the image I will pay you 50 credits to put on your site. It's not much, but it's all I can spare at this moment I'm afraid because it's a new site. I would prefer it if you have more than a few pages...
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    The Signature Shop

    What do you guys think of my new site idea, the signature shop (click the link in my sig)? The way it works is that if you want a sig, you can chose a premade design and have your name put in. It stays your own, and the original offer for that design is taken down. I have all the forms working...
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    x10 Credits Payment System

    I posted this in the feature request forum, but I doubt anyone actually looks there so I'm posting it here too. Feel free to respond :). I see a lot of people on this forum selling graphic and web design services for x10 points, and most have their own website. The reason is, it's hard to...
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    60 Credit Header and Signature Images

    I'd like to get a few credits toward a domain, so I'm willing to do 3 or 4 header or signature images if anyone is interested. The way this works is that you post what you'd like the text in the image to say, the size you want, and any suggestions you might have, and I try to put together...
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    How To Make Header Images in The Gimp That Don't Look Terrible

    Are you a complete newbie, who uses sites like to generate titles? Want to make something a little more appealing and unique? Here are a few quick tricks for you: For this tutorial, you need the free image editor called The Gimp (GNU Image Manipulator Program), which you can...