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    Design Selling?

    I was wondering if its possible to sell of the design to to make some cash?
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    Check out my pc!

    I was thinking of selling my rig and getting a better one or a mac laptop and I was just wondering how much my pc would go for ? Specs: Generic White ATX w 400W PSU Intel Pentium 4 s478 1.90GHz Gigabyte 8SIMLH s478 AGP Super Talent 1gbx1 DDR400 w/ Silver HeatSinks MSI Geforce 6200 A-LE 256mb...
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    Hey I was just wondering if rails is available on the free hosting, if it isnt, I was considering buying the developer package, is it available on that ?
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    Website Complete

    Alright, now that my website is completely done, every section of it fully programmed, I am posting here to have some criticism, I know I posted before but then it was only like 50% done, I thought this perhaps deserves a new topic. Here is my website: Judge away!
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    Please Review my Website

    Hey guys, im currently working on my new website and I was wondering if I could get some reviews on it, its not quite done but whats there I have done so far. Thanks in advance.