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    Everybodies Occupations

    Occupation: Software engineer (no surprise really) Income: Pretty good :P
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    Your Favorite Instrumental Songs

    Forgot to mention, almost anything by Mogwai is good and instrumental: Very depressing music though :P Edit: Really good. Reminds me of the Moonlight Sonata a bit:
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    Your Favorite Instrumental Songs

    The Shadows - Apache Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe Eugene
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    Ads allowed?

    Ok. I meant if I want to earn money from advertising by getting someone to pay me per thousand clicks to display their ads. Would that be allowed? Edit: Oh I see, you've answered already. Something like Adsense would be good for me, does anyone know why it doesn't work on Facebook? I haven't...
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    Any ideas for a good name for my site?

    A lot of websites have a short snappy name which isn't really a word or that only vaguely has anything to do with its content - Bebo, Digg, Google. Of course if you do that it makes it easier to get a .com name too. So how about: dumpa (like a place to dump stuff) playgle (similar to Google)...
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    :D Jokes :D

    What do you call a blind, deaf, dumb gorilla with a bad temper? Anything you like, he can't hear you.
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    Ads allowed?

    Do you mean adverts for X10hosting? I'm not sure what you mean by "our adverts". Thanks, Marek
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    facebook apps

    Hehe, just realised people are mentioning me. My Facebook app is here for anyone interested: It uses Facebook's own twisted HTML (FBML) for most of it, which can be annoying as you can't use CSS or Javascript properly. Then the actual game runs in a...
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    Ads allowed?

    Hi, I'd like to add some ads to my Facebook app, which runs using a website hosted by x10hosting. I'm sure I read somewhere that adverts are not allowed on x10hosting, is this true? I don't want to get my site suspended. Thanks, Marek
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    Get Paid by reading mails

    Sounds like a spam pyramid scheme. What advertiser would pay people to read an email from them?
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    What kind of games do you play??

    I like online games against real people - Hattrick, WarOnline, BattleMaster, and Yahoo Chess.
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    Review my Facebook app

    Practise with an 's' is a verb, with a 'c' is a noun. I think either is appropriate but I see your point :P
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    Review my Facebook app

    Probably only useful if you have a Facebook account, and if you know how to play Backgammon. I've redone my site so it looks more like a Facebook app: All comments are welcome (but preferably if they are constructive).
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    Browser reviews!

    Same here! It's great, they still make regular releases too.
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    Recently unsuspended account - SQL DB missing

    Thanks, it seems to be ok now. I do wonder why my account got suspended in the first place, since this is the memory usage: Disk Space Usage 2.01/300 MB Monthly Bandwidth Transfer 794.7/10000 MB
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    Recently unsuspended account - SQL DB missing

    Hello, I recently had my account suspended - see here: I have it back, but the SQL database seems to be missing. This was a crucial part of the software, and I do hope it hasn't all been deleted. I can understand that if the database...
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    Top 5 website one must visit regularly ? and some others too rude to mention :P
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    Tabbed browsing

    Tabbed browsing is great - although you should use the browser which introduced it (Opera) to fully enjoy it ;)
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    Olympics 2008

    It's GB not England ;) Go GB!
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    Get paid to chat / Discuss

    How does it work? I mean, where does this money come from? Advertising?