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    Delete my account

    Hi, please delete my hosting account with the hosting Username heavy and the domain and parked domain name because I made an error, I will create another account. Thanks
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    Hosting Domain Modification Taking Too Long

    I submitted a hosting domain modification submitted May 30 at 3:44 am and yet it still says Action Status: Pending, so what is the hold up?
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    Pure Bull****

    Pure Bull**** is all I have to say. I had started to loose not started already lost faith in x10hosting in a week 2 to 3 days server will be down only of any reason. I am not saying that maintain the server is not important it is but it should not cause a lot of trouble to user like it has...
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    Porblem Changing Domain

    When I try changing my domain name I get this:
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    FTP Info

    I don't know what my website address is or what my cpanel password is. My cpanel username is: cgrim29588
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    Problem When Installing phpBB

    I installed phpbb and then when I go into the ACP it says " Warning Please delete, move or rename the install directory before you use your board. If this directory is still present, only the Administration Control Panel (ACP) will be accessible." I did that in File Manager , but the install...
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    Domain Problem

    I changed my domain to but when I got to it I get Edit: Bump!
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    Problem When Accessing Site

    When I try accessing my site where I have installed WordPress I get
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    Problem When Viewing my Website

    When I go to view my website I get this:
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    Problem With Site!

    When I go to my site I get: and get taken to the opendns guide. Help!! Edit: Bump!
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    Problem with Domain

    I set my primary domain as but when I go to it I get: And not showing my forum help!!
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    Help Needed!

    I want to transfer my site another host so how do I backup public_html and my database to move them to the new host.
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    [Urgent]Really pissed off I can't access cPanel

    I can't login to cPanel I have even tried changing the password in the account manager, but when I tried logging in with my username and new password I get: Please help!!
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    Pissed Off Need Help!

    I'm trying to upload stuff to my account via FTP and when I enter my username and password it says it's incorrect and I know it's not. Help!
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    Is Stoli Down

    When I go to it says Stoli is up, but when I go to my site I get:
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    Is Stoli Down

    When I try to go to my site (Yes I changed my domain) in FireFox I get: And in IE I get: .
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    500 Internal Server Error

    When I try to install eblah ( which is a free perl forum software I followed the directions but when I try to run the installed I get: I have a .htaccess file so why am I getting this error?
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    Can't Access Site

    When I go to I get this: Why am I getting this message? How can I get my site back?
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    Is Stoli Down or What?

    When I go to my site in FireFoxI get: And in IE I get: And my account is in good standing and isn't suspended or anything Edit: Bump!
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    Internal Server Error-Need Help ASAP

    I have IPB installed on my account and when I try to upload an new skin/theme I get: Please help!! I currently have PHP Version:PHP 5.2.5 - Intermediate Ver