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    cPanel Not Loading

    Well I am sitting in my office at work right now, so that could explain everything haha. I will retry with my home connection and report here with my results! Thanks for your prompt reply.
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    Cpanel button switch do not work

    I am facing the same issue, and have tried both browsers with no luck :(
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    cPanel Not Loading

    Okay so I had an account but it was deleted due to inactivity (was for development purposes anyways). I was instructed to create another domain/account since my old one had been deleted. So I went ahead and did this, but now when I click on Open cPanel (on the main page where my hosting details...
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    How To Change Maximum Upload File Size (Wordpress)

    Pretty self explanatory, I wanted to upload a video to my Wordpress Media Library, but am being told the maximum upload file size is 16 MB. Which is way too small to test some of my development features for the Wordpress theme I am developing. Can you please increase the maximum file size...