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    I cannot log into Myadminphp

    I have been trying for weeks but cannot get in, tried on laptop and pc and still no luck. I can log-in to cpanel but not myadminphp. I get redirected to this page where my password/username does not work and I get a blank white screen after it: (if possible can I have a new password/username...
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    phpMyAdmin - Blank page after adding username/password

    I have added my username/password lots of times but keep getting a blank page.
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    My website not working again, please read, help us!

    my site URL: I am not even a big upload or downloader of files, maybe you could put me on a different server or soemthing! I am currently free host looking to see how well X10 hosting is and then I will upgrade to paid hosting! But the past 3-4 weeks I have had nothing...
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    Website, FTP, Control Panel Not accessible.

    Unable to do anything here. I have not touched anything. Website is only small so I have not used a lot. Getting this message!
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    My website down 24+ hours

    I have not touched my website, all was working great. Last day or so it has not worked. URL: message displays: Error establishing a database connection
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    My site has been down for 10+ hours

    I have not touched anything in the cpanel for a few weeks. All has been running great. But I noticed its been down 10+ hours. I have been logging in regular, not uploaded hardly anything, small site, not broken any rules. Message says: Error establishing a database connection url...
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    Error establishing a database connection

    My site is not loading. I have only used a small word press theme. Are the main servers down or something?
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    Request: MySQL Backup/Restore Tutorial

    Can someone please point me to MySQL Backup/Restore Tutorial. Sorry if this has already been posted. Thank you
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    Please review my website

    I'm a singer, songwriter, guitarist that has built this website to post a little info about myself, and share my experience tips, tricks I have come across over the years. This website has not been up long, there is lots more to come; diagrams, animations, scales, theory of music, videos...
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    Using Free Hosting: Can I mask the URL?

    I have used 123reg for a few years and want to keep that url. The problem is that I can link that URL to my free x10 account but it does not mask the URL.