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    My new Design

    The site is pretty nice but the text needs some work... It's just there, it needs a little more life. I also dont't like the red dots for the downloading. They are not in line with the rest of the colors in the page
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    Review My Portfolio

    I like the opening slideshow with the text. I dont like the text beneath it. put some padding in thereand match the styling on the right with the rest of the page.... overall pretty good work.
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    My new logo

    Like the Logo, just don't like the font insed. It';s to playful, put something more serious. more boldy, i dont know.
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    How is my website??

    i dont like that you have diffrent buttons on :hover for your nav bar. Also the logo dosent have the correct refleciton. You could maybe just scarp it.
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    Howz this???

    I dont like the images to the side. They look like content and they confuse a little bit. I'd make the site a little bit cleaner. The nav bar is pretty good.
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    Which is best free webmail ?

    Defiantly Gmail. As has more features than anyone else, easy to use, more space than anyone else, it very easily integrated to other google services. Simply the best.
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    my site

    too much stuff on the opening page and you also have a lot of links so maybe you should use some drop down menus and organize the conetnt a little better. Also your page has a lenght of like 2000 px so you have to scroll to see the whole thing... that's not good.
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    Review my General Knowledge Website

    I think you can make a better layout for the site. The ads are all mixed up with the rest of the content and the content is kinda un-organized. A more sturctured layout may fit you well.
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    Any comment for my Site

    Aaron dont like the typography so much, I prefer your other sites dough, the ones in that go as featured designs... there better than the one posted as default
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    I think you should pay a little bit more attention to the text and to typography. The text just looks a little bit ...sloppy. Like if you just copy pasted it. Change the line-height, include <h1>headaers</h1>, use italic and bold, underline too... i dont know but do something
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    New Design for My Blog

    Wow i'm impresed... very good design and cool background! Edit: hey if you're gonna use a pic for your title maybe you should use a font alittle more intresting... Edit: oh sorry.... i just saw your home page... but that font in particular seemed pretty generic.. again good design though
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    personal homepage

    I like the hovering windows. Apart form that you should add a little moe contenct and put everyting in either german or english...
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    Review MY SITE

    i think it's too crowded. Dont like the link being images, a bit confusing. It must be a little bit more coherent in terms of colors and themes.
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    Which is better

    This one ( looks the coolest even do the photoshoping of the cricket player is a little skecthy. I'd trust more the last one it looks a little bi mor professional.
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    Please critique my website

    The site looks good. I just looks a little bit disintegrated, like the three elements the banner, the menu and the content look like three diffrent things... maybe you should find a way to make it look more like one site... just some constructive criticism... but the site looks cool, nice work
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    Check out my site

    I liked the site very cool... The only thing i didnt like is the title on the tope with with the U3R68 link... it just looks a little cheap compared to the rest of the site... but a better font in there and just make it a png or whatever the rest is good. nice work