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  1. kkenny

    Exact difference in uptime?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to suggest a person to get paid hosting for his site, and I suggested x10. Free hosting from x10 meets his requirements, he just really wanted a reliable stable host with good uptime. Does anyone know the exact difference in uptime between our free servers and our paid...
  2. kkenny

    Leaving x10.

    Retiring as a staff member, not sure if I'm still gonna visit the forums or not... but I guess I'll miss you guys. You can always... I guess, you can always PM me on the forums... and I'll try to get back to you guys once in a while... but I guess things haven't been working out, so I just have...
  3. kkenny

    Good site ideas?

    I have low creativity, so I need a good site idea. I want something that can build a community, and can expand. (say like i have a photography forum, I can expand to photography and gaming and lifestyle) Anyone wanna shoot any ideas at me?
  4. kkenny

    Check out the design.

    Yeah, it's pretty simple but... the link is in my sig, it says Go to my blog. It's not XHTML compliant, i know... and it uses a little jQuery on the E-Mail/Powered box to the right. The credits (at the bottom) are for the guy who helped me with the jquery (: Either way just rate it & Feel free...
  5. kkenny

    Has anyone tried Linux Mint?

    If so, can you please share your experiences with me? All I know so far that it is Ubuntu-derived (which is Debian-derived itself) LAMP Capable WINE Capable and pretty stable with proprietary codacs installed, which is a plus.
  6. kkenny

    What do you guys think of my signature?

    I like it :]
  7. kkenny

    It's my birthday!

    16. :]
  8. kkenny

    [OFF][? points] Webmaster Services!

    Welcome! This is KKENNY's Webmaster Services shop! I currently offer services for new/early webmasters who don't have any idea on how to install 3rd party scripts(forums, wikis, blogs, bbs, etc.,) on their site without using Fantastico. Hopefully as time goes by, I will be able to offer more...
  9. kkenny

    nifty server check.

    I custom made this server check. CREDITS GO OUT TO CHRIS AND DRTALON(LIVEWIRE) FOR HELPING ME SCRIPT THIS. Click on server status. It also has a place to chat on IRC via mibbit.
  10. kkenny

    Graphing Calculators

    Argh. I have to go back to school, and this year my PreCal class requires a graphing calculator. I really have no idea which one I should use, but I need a calculator that is permitted on the SAT, ACT, PSAT and SAT II MATH CL2(sat I standards should comply) Here are my choices TI-84 Silver...
  11. kkenny

    Need help with PHP.

    Hey guys. I'm planning to do this new script for my x10Portal. It's a server status script, but this time I'm going to add the percentage of uptime that the service is up. This is my code The main code <?php function serverStatus($server, $port, $service, $serverName) { $status =...
  12. kkenny

    2O16 Olympics!

    Which City do you want for the 2016 olympics?
  13. kkenny

    Ideas for a site?

    I really am getting bored these past days. So I thought, what kind of website should I make..? Anyone wanna shoot some ideas at me.? Websites involving wikis/forums/cms/blogs are a plus ;]
  14. kkenny

    IPB v vBulletin

    Which forum script do you think is better. Both are well known, but which one do you think is better and why? (I'm planning to get one of them soon)
  15. kkenny

    CSS or Javascript?

    I'm planning on improving my friend's base layout, which has some Dynamic HTML and XHTML already, but I want to improve it by either using CSS or Javascript. I'm not sure which one to use, but here are a few questions I have for each language. I know each language pretty decent, so learning...
  16. kkenny

    The biggest social group on x10!!! Everyone click that link and join! :) We're going to start a new trend! Make sure you tell all your x10 friends to join too!
  17. kkenny

    New x10 status site! Pretty quick glance at many things that other status sites haven't offered status on before. ;) Please rate and also give me suggestions on what else I could add to it.
  18. kkenny

    NBA Finals

    Who's going to win? Lakers or Celtics?
  19. kkenny

    Congratulations Obama!

    He has now over about 7 news networks, the projected nominee of the Democratic party. Congrats Obama. Now for November's big election.
  20. kkenny

    Hot Sites! Please check out those two sites, I didn't make them but I would like feedback on what you guys liked about those layouts, and what you dislike, what could be improved and added and changed and all that good stuff. EDIT:: please...