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  1. garrettroyce

    Adding/Removing Domains

    If you can't add or remove a domain, please read the forum announcement here:
  2. garrettroyce

    Free Hosting Domains

    Hey x10ers! We've relocated the function for adding and removing domains for your free hosting account. Instead of going to your hosting control panel (DirectAdmin), you can simply go to your x10hosting dashboard, then select the "Services" menu, and then clicking on the account name where you...
  3. garrettroyce

    New x10Hosting Site

    This thread is documentation for our new x10hosting website. Please refer to the following sections: If you've never had an x10hosting free account, follow this process New Users If you have an existing x10hosting free account, follow this process Existing Users Once you have created or...
  4. garrettroyce

    Resolved PHP Updates

    Hello, x10ers! It has come to my attention that PHP needs some newer versions available to support some common software. Additionally, the PHP 8.0 installation does not make GD and ZIP modules available, which prevents some software from working. I'm in the process of getting these updates...
  5. garrettroyce

    SSL for Free Hosting

    Hey, x10ers! Traditionally, I have recommended free users utilize CloudFlare to provide SSL for their websites because x10 did not support users adding their own SSL certificate. Most users are reporting that their website has an invalid certificate if they do not use this. There are some...
  6. garrettroyce

    Important MariaDB Update to 10.3

    Good news, everyone! I worked with our head admin today and I was able to get MariaDB (MySQL equivalent software) updated to the 10.3 version, up from 10.1. I have tagged the users requesting this feature below. You should not notice any changes. However, if you notice MySQL errors on your...
  7. garrettroyce

    5000 posts

    Celebrating my 5000th post on x10! Still a long ways away from the leaderboard, but it's a milestone for me, at least.
  8. garrettroyce

    Resolved An error has occurred processing your request

    Update Log 21:00 server time - Issue reported to administrators. Waiting for update 22:00 server time - Administrators applied fix. Back online Sometime in the past several hours today, some users are noticing that they cannot log in to the SSO page to manage their account. The admin team is...
  9. garrettroyce

    New account signup

    x10hosting free users (and future users!): Please note that signups are currently disabled while the last finishing touches are applied after updating to DirectAdmin. Until the new system is at 100%, the registration page is disabled. If you have a forum account, click here to subscribe to...
  10. garrettroyce

    Apache is functioning normally

    x10hosting free users: As you might recall from here, x10hosting free users were changed to a different website management software, called DirectAdmin. Users who did not log in starting in November and ending in...
  11. garrettroyce

    Resolved Intermittent CloudFlare 5## errors/site loading errors

    Last updated: 2020/04/29 13:00 CST Status: 4/24 - Started tracking issue 4/25 - Admins working on server 4/26 - Issue possibly from datacenter, not x10; working with DC to resolve 4/27 - Awaiting DC response. Admins have been able to replicate the issue 4/28 - DC found a firewall issue. This is...
  12. garrettroyce

    X10VPN Configuration with Linux using networkmanager

    Preface NetworkManager is an aptly-named tool for the GNOME desktop environment that allows users to manage network connections. It is automatically installed on most distributions that use GNOME. Distribution Notes Distribution Notes [/tr] Fedora 16 No additional configuration required...
  13. garrettroyce

    Web UI designer needed

    There's 3 kinds of people in this world; coders, designers, and mutant cyborgs who can do both. I'm but a humble coder, so anything graphical makes my keyboard mysteriously stop functioning and my hair ends up in little piles on the floor. Nobody wants that to happen, so I'm going to request for...
  14. garrettroyce

    [??? credits] Name that developer!

    So, I've taken it upon myself to start developing some software for Linux servers. It's been tough; self-taught C++ isn't as good as a BA in computer sciences, but I'm trudging along. Anyway, I'm terrible with names. "LiquidPHP" was my last project's name. However "Liquid" is in use a lot...
  15. garrettroyce

    !! Read Me Before Posting in the Ads & Offers Forum !!

    What is the Ads & Offers forum? The Ads & Offers forum is for users who need help or staff members for their websites or users who want to help or staff someone else's website. This forum is for assisting staff to find open positions, not for selling or buying anything. Posters may mention they...
  16. garrettroyce

    !! Read Me Before Using The Marketplace !!

    What is the marketplace? The marketplace is the only part of the X10Hosting forums where you can trade X10Hosting forum credits for services and certain other things. Users may post deals where they give or receive credits for services received or given. Monetary values and physical items are...
  17. garrettroyce


    We used to have this tradition, back in the days before community advocacy, back when there was a PHP version system and ad-enhanced accounts, way way back in 2009, where we would take some time out of our busy life of on-topic helpful posting to make a self congratulatory thread to stroke our...
  18. garrettroyce

    Happy birthday AdamParkzer!

    X10's most helpful volunteer's birthday is today! W00t w00t! :biggrin:
  19. garrettroyce

    48 core processor

    So yeah, I thought this needed to be shared:
  20. garrettroyce

    Epic Upgrade

    You won't have the pleasure of my company for a few hours. Enjoy it while it lasts :biggrin: