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    Review my Site

    It IS square, but look at all that empty space around the thumbnails. At 1600x1200 there's really a lot of it. And font is really small size.
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    Review my Site

    Everything in the central "window" is waaaay to small on my 1600x1200 monitor. Fonts, thumbnails, everything. A lot of empty space around.
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    Where to buy cheap website traffic for my blog

    You can try with some of those "Get Paid to Click" sites. Some of them will give you a lot of visitors for $5.
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    Need Backlink Checker or Analyzer tool?

    Paid for full options. Free for limited set of results. But you can check to see if you like it. And the link is
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    Review My forum

    Yep, certainly down.
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    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    Not scam, not fully scam at least. Unless you buy/rent referrals and burn your own money, you'll be paid for your own clicks. Eventually. But it will take time to reach payment minimum.
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    What is the best way to get traffics?

    Getting traffic is only one part of the problem. And social media sites are quite good for that. But unless you make money out of all that traffic, you haven't done anything. And I didn't see people actually having good success with FB traffic or similar.
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    Please do not waste your money at neobux!

    Yes, rented referrals in Neobux are bots and are controlled by the admin. :) That's why he can allow some good promoters to actually make money in it, while attracting other suckers who'll never get a red cent after renting referrals. :)