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    integration issue between support, cpanel, forum ????

    I have been replying to ticket submission, but it seems that the support has not received my response as per the trail below. Could somebody investigate please ? I have been answering promptly. I have asked for the full restore of my website but no response. I think it could be due to my ticket...
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    403 page load error ..

    i have the same issue after trying for two weeks to get my website up and running .. i copied my old backup to the directory .. so practically, i should have gotten back to the state when it was back up could there be some issues with the server ??? thanks
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    I am wondering it is possible to use the same databases for two websites ? What are the pro and cons ??? Thank you
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    Drupal website went berserk after trying to install gallery 2 !!!

    I have posted this before but not really making any progress despite the Elder's assistance. could you help ??? i would pay .... Thank you Edit: could i please get some assistance here please ???? got important...
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    Tried to install gallery 2 on a working drupal website

    I could not create database for some reason. I got hung there. I tried to cancel or start over but now I get application/x-httpd-php5 prompt. What does this mean ??? I want to embed the gallery 2 into my drupal page. How should I proceed ??? should I restore as I have a backup ??? Can pay...
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    installing gallery 2 issue ?

    I wants to install gallery 2 manually. I have been trying to follow their instructions, including clicking on the install directory for auto installation. However, when I click on the directory, nothing happens. Does it mean that x10hosting does not support auto installation ? If so, is there...
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    Big help wanted - cPanel

    I was trying to backup and used the compress funtion in cPanel File Manager. Now the whole directory is empty. Where have the files gone and the result compression gone to ??? Could not find it ???? Could somebody with the cPanel expertise go through my history and see where has it gone ??? I...
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    How to get clean urls using Drupal ???

    I cannot even test the clean url thingy in Drupal 5.x The following is the message that I get. Please help with steps. The requested URL /admin/settings/clean-urls was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle...
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    Upload backup without hanging ???

    I am wondering if I did something wrong ??? I keep getting my backup zip file which is about 15 mbytes hanging ???? Could somebody check/assist ??? Thanks
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    Add on domain

    I want to add my own domain after being deleted form the former server in absolut. Now I am in Cossacks. I get this message when I tried to add the domain. Why is that ??? Addon Domains Addon Domain Additions There was a problem creating the addondomain. Show Details...
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    Issues with my cpanel account and website loading holeepas

    Hi there I have issues loading my website(S) today. I am with absolut server. Is there an issue ? I cannot login to my cPanel also. Thanks Al
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    Absolut server and subdomain issue

    After searching, I think the issue has been resolved. I was in the middle of creating ubercart. I was able to get to the point of themes plus clean url. Now I cannot do the clean url, it says that the website does not exist ?" The page you requested does not exist, you can try visiting...
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    SQL database

    I have some issues with installing a software. I deleted the file then recreate another one. Is there a lag of time before the database could be used ??? Thank you Edit: Unable to select database We were able to connect to the MySQL database server (which means your username and password are...
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    Any planned maintenance on Absolut ?

    I did a bit of browse, in case I miss it. Please let me know if there is a planned maintenance in the next few days for Absolut server ? Thank you
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    Not working email in absolut ?

    Hello everybody I still have the same issue with this particular email. I wonder what I did wrong etc etc ? What should I review ??? I have deleted the email, but I can still see two email accounts in the control panel ??? could somebody please give me some ideas why do I get this email...
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    An email from own domain issue

    When i was testing sending emails from subsbription page on my website, i found this message in the squirrel ? what does this mean ? does this mean, my email does not function well ?? how do I solve this please ? could i get someone to help me to solve this for me thanks ...
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    Webmail horde and squirrel mail

    I had set up my webmail with horde. I have not been able to access it as with other people. I was able to receive mail previously at least with horde. Now, when I click on squirrel mail, all I get is the mail delivery failed:returning message to sender. Could anybody tell me how to fix this...
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    HOw to ensure you get approved for Adsense ???

    I am wondering if there is a reason why they would not approve ? Thanks
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    Email server working on the free account ???

    I have tested my email It still hasnt arrived after so many hours ??? I know there is a big of lag time sometimes, what is the norm here ???? Thanks
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    Horde web email issue ?

    I think the last few times I was checking emails using Horde, it was not not working ???? How else do I check if I get any emails please ? Thanks Administrator ...