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    Trouble unsuspending account

    I was recently suspended for inactivity, and every time I try and send an removal request, I get Error 6DCDAAE8. My account username is drf1229. Anything help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    php mail() only works for certain emails

    I've had some problems with a mail() script. For some odd reason, it sends emails to one of my gmail emails yet doesn't to my other. Has anybody else faced this issue? My mail function returns true each time, yet the message doesn't reach the server. Is this a free hosting issue? I'd like to be...
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    500 internal server error

    I keep getting a 500 internal server error whenever I try to run a cgi script. It looks like this: I don't get it because this is all I have in my script: #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; print "Content-type: text/html\n\n"; print...
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    PHP Mail() not working for certain emails

    For some odd reason PHP mail() supports only certain emails. I'm trying to create an email confirmation system, but I can't do that if certain emails do not work. Heres what I have: $to = ""; $subject = "New visitor"; $message = "A new visitor with the ip $ip has visited...
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    Array sorting in php

    I'm trying to sort two arrays in php. One is full of strings and another integers. What I want to do is sort the integers by numeric order and then sort the strings the exact same way as integers. The reason it needs to be so perfect us because the first array is a set of usernames, the second...
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    Submitting a form without leaving a page

    I am trying to automatically submit a form without the user knowing. I want the form to run anonymously and not change the page. The issue I have is that I do not have access to the php page that is the action of the form. Is it possible to do this without changing anything in the action page...
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    Wtf facebook?!

    Its bad enough facebook blocks off using .x10hosting domains for development, but now they have to block them from chat too?! What is up with that? Now I can't even tell my friends about my website. Wtf facebook?! Is anybody else experiencing this issue?
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    Finished site

    I recently finished this site for someone. This guy will make and design your own custom iPhone apps for you. Tips for the site are welcome and appreciated!
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    Tell me what you think

    My newest project is . Please help me making it better by posting your feedback. It can be through the feedback website or through the forum.
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    x10hosting shows all contents of a folder!

    Did anybody realize that if you type in the url of a folder on your website, x10hosting shows and gives access to all the files in the folder? This scared me, so I immediately moved all of the files to the root folder. Is there any solution to this?
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    Moron question

    I am a programmer of many languages but I have a few issues. I want to learn sql code but have no idea where to input it! Do I make files or is there a program I use? Please, captain obvious point it out to me... Thanks in advance!
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    Small errors with feedback section

    On my website ( I made a user feedback section where people can place their feedback onto a page of the website. It works like this: The feedback page is a file that gets edited each time a user submits feedback using PHP's fread and fwrite. This works...
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    Math made easy!

    Solve simple or complex math problems in seconds with my website. Please give me your feedback!
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    Please post your feedback on my site

    My website is a simple algebra helping site that uses javascript to make Algebra a lot easier. Please feel free to look around and don't hesitate to post your feedback in the feedback section. Don't worry about making an account, it doesn't prompt you for any personal info, just a password and a...
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    Help with a php script

    I'm trying to make a script that will execute a php function on command. How can I make it execute a php function when a user clicks a button or something? I'm very new to php and x10hosting, so any help would be useful.
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    Help with php mail

    I am trying to make a homepage that emails me every time I get a new user using Php Mail(), but it seems to be disabled for security reasons. What do I need to do to enable it?