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    Root PHP files not getting executed

    I have associated my domain using add-on domains few days back It was working fine till tomorrow BUT Today the url Is not opening ..Rather than executing the php files on the server its providing them for download WHEREAS the system is working fine for...
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    set_time_limit() disabled

    Hello , Few days back x10hosting upgraded by hosting php plan to "Intermediate" . Thanks for it , again Although Today I added an ADDON Domain to my account and installed a new script on it The problem is Whenever I am trying to execute that script I am getting the following error...
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    Account suspended..But not able to check the reason

    I am getting the "account suspended" error while opening my site : When I am clicking check for reason and providing my username its stating "Error: This account is not suspended." So what's the problem ? Kindly help
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    Fantastico uninstallation problem - Can't install in Root

    I dont know what happened but due to some reason I was unable to uninstall wordpress hence I deleted the files and removed the sql database. I also removed the entry from the fantastico installer BUT Even after this I am unable to install anything in my root folder I guess something is still...