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    XHTML valid...

    I know there's another topic on this, but I didn't want to clutter or hijack the thread, so I'm posting this here. I have looked over the advanced and corporate ads, and I rewrote them to fit XHTML transitional and strict, as well as display neat, clean coding. I know that the advertisements...
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    Help me cross-browser test...

    I just made a template that I'll be using for a few pages, but I'm not sure if it looks the same on all browsers.. If you're willing to help, just let me know if the template site looks different than the image, and let me know your browser and operating system. Also, specify what's wrong, such...
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    PHP Errors...

    I'm getting PHP errors on x10hosting that don't seem to appear on any other hosts.. The errors are: ( I've seen this script working on several sites, so I know the problem is not in the script.. Does anyone know what might be causing this?
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    Php 4?

    I'm having a problem.. My IPB 1.3.1 installation is recognizing the PHP version as 4.4.4, but the cPanel says 5.1.6, and this seems to be causing some problems with my IPB forum. I installed modifications to make my forum compatible with PHP 5, but if we are indeed running PHP 4.4.4, then those...
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    File hosting?

    I saw a thread that said that we are not allowed to provide our members with a file upload form, but I didn't find anything in the TOS regarding this. Can somebody show me where this is stated? And can somebody tell me which, if any, of the following circumstances would be allowed? 1. Allowing...
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    I think I screwed myself over. I am running IPB 1.3.1. I went into the files to try to add a mod, and when I tried to save, it didn't work. The saving just sat there, and after thirty seconds, is stopped, because I had used up the maximum execution time (I was altering it on a web-based FTP...
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    What's with these signatures I keep seeing? And where can I get one? Did the users make them..?
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    Can I..?

    Is there a script that I can use to display the MySQL and FTP status of the free servers on my page?
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    Php 5.2?

    Will x10 be converting to PHP 5.2 from 5.1.6? (PHP 5.2 was released November 2.)
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    Can I please..?

    I just spent the last few hours looking over the XHTML standard and playing around with XHTML. I converted a small page, which I was using to test PHP as I learned it, to XHTML, and I noticed a problem. The X10Hosting ads do not conform to the XHTML standards at all. There are open tags...
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    Page down..?

    Nevermind, it updated.
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    Blank page...?

    I'm using a script that doesn't seem to be working how I want it to. I need the script to check the size of the scrollbars based on a DIV element on the page, and then return the size (this script is not mine). I added another script to combine that with a CSS tag so that the script will parse...
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    Scrollbar width..?

    How can I figure out the scrollbar width in Javascript? I need the size in pixels to print into standard text, with nothing extra. (And it needs to be cross-browser compatible.) Thanks..
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    Javascript + CSS Frame = PAIN.

    I made a page that uses CSS frames, and I want the bottom frame to overlap the content so I can have it fade into it using the Alpha filter. Because of the way I'm doing it, I need a DHTML scroller. I tried using a script to do this, but I can't get the script to scroll a page element (it will...
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    A few ideas..

    I have a few neat ideas for ad placement on the page, and I'm not sure if they're allowed. First: A movable ad- When the page is loaded, it will appear on the top, but users can move it around the page. Second: A closable ad- Again, when the page is loaded, it will appear on the top, but users...
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    Hello. I want a chatroom for my forum. I'm running an IPB 1.3.1 forum on PHP 5.1.6 and MySQL 4. I want something that's designed to work with IPB 1.3.1 so that my users don't have to register twice (or something that I can change to read the usernames from my current database). Any suggestions?
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    { width:95%; min-width:IE SUCKS !important; }

    The title says it all! I cannot get any min-width work-arounds to work in IE. I've tried the nestled DIVs, I've tried the width:expression(..) tags. I even currently have a script running that promises to automatically recognize the min-width tag and properly parse it in IE. Well, it's not...
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    New ads?

    I noticed something.. Last time I looked at the Corporate ads, they were Yahoo ads, and now they seem to have switched to Google ads. Do we still have to keep the ads at the top of the page?
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    This is getting sickening..

    I've been with x10Hosting for a few days now, and, as far as I can tell, I've had more downtime than uptime. My site is down yet again! I'm trying to run my guild's forum on it, and the fact that it's down 60+% of the time is just simply unacceptable. I don't care if it is a free host. This...
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    My page is down. From what I gather, it seems to have been down for about 15 hours now. (I checked yesterday and it was down, now again today it's down.)