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    Cron / Perl problems

    I have a Perl script that runs every 15 minutes off of a shell off of a cron. It goes through every member in my database and increases their HP by 15% So I made this script with help from the people in this forum, but in the past two or three weeks it has been either been skipping over...
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    layout getting screwed up

    Im trying to add a PM section to my site and I got a couple of files from a friend that worked for him, but two of the 6 files he gave screw up the layout and I have no idea why. This has happened to me in the past but all I had to do was to put a blank form at the end and it would work but now...
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    include function questions php

    I have a few questions about the include function in php. Im trying to design a site template for my site, but i keep running into a few errors. the main problem is that I am trying to put and if statement to see if the user is logged-in so I dont have to put it at the top of every page. Is it...
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    Where to find a PM system

    Anyone know where I can find a very simple, secure, and easy to manipulate private message system or script?
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    SMF login going to old url

    After I changed my url, whenever I try to login to my SMF forums, I get sent to my old forums index.php?action=login2 page. Ive looked through the entire database and changed all of the variables that were set to my old url to my new one but I still get the same thing. Anyone know where the...
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    SE instead of site

    Last week I won one of the free domains and it said an admin would contact me for my prize but no one ever did. So I went into my account panel on the x10 main page. I tried changing my sites url by checking the box where it says "use your own domain" and tried using "fmarpg" first, but that...
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    free and easy dvd rip?

    does anyone know a free program to rip a dvd into either avi or mp4 formats for free? I have looked and looked and cant find anything for free that isnt just a trial.
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    Blank page error in SMF

    When I first installed these forums they worked perfectly with nothing going wrong, but now I have been having this problem for a couple days now and I have posted on the SMF forums about this problem and they said it was something having to do with x10. So, when I use my forums on IE it...
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    Cron help

    Ive asked a couple times about a cron here, but those were all before we got the built-in perl modules. So, can anyone help me finish this? Right now Im getting the error "syntax error at /home/oiwio/public_html/ line 14, near "use "/home/oiwio/perl/DBD::mysql"" Execution of...
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    Credit Raffle 100% Prize

    I am now starting a new raffle. The winner will be decided by Each ticket will cost 2 credits and you may enter any amount of times you like. To claim a ticket(s), you must post in this thread saying how many tickets you would like, then send me the amount of credits that...
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    running mac programs on windows

    Does anyone know how to run a mac program on windows? Im not entirely sure its possible without buying any components for your pc, but I want to try and run imovie on windows.
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    Best free forums

    Im looking for the best free forums that I can put onto my site, and I wanted to know what you all use. Im currently using mybb but I want one with a marketplace that you can buy items that will raise stats on the other part of my site.
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    Hardest website creation part

    While working on my first website, I got stuck alot and found alot of different things to be very hard. The hardest things I found were scripting php and javascript, getting high up in the search engines, making a layout, and just getting people to join my website (which can also be considered...
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    php var to JS var with redirect

    Im trying to reirect after a user gets a certain condition and carry over two variables to the redirect page. Heres the script, I think Im going to have to convert a php variable to a javascript variable $page = $_GET['page'] $attack = $_POST['attack']...
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    looking for a video editor

    Im looking for a free video editor that is like or even better than windows movie maker but can also use .MP4s. The reason I need this is so I can erase the .avi video files after I convert them to MP4 for my ipod. Right now I have about 15 GBs of avi and 15 GBs of MP4 in my 80 GB hard drive...
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    help with a sorting table in php

    What I want to do is get all of the members from a table in my database and sort it by a certain column. All that works perfectly, but I only want to display 20 users per page and I cant figure out how to set it up where it automatically detects how many users there are, divide that by 20, and...
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    easy layout for each page

    is there a way in CSS to put this layout in another file and have each page load it using CSS? This is the layout script ?> <body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF"> <center> <table width="1100" height="100" border="0" class="top"> <tr> <td height="109" align="center" valign="top"><img...
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    Help with PERL code

    Im trying to have this file run with a cron that will go into the database and add 1 to all the users hp. Right now Im getting the error: Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i686-linux /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/i686-linux...
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    Not able to update database

    ok, so Im using the code: function updateUserField($table, $username, $field, $value){ $q = "UPDATE $table SET $field = $value WHERE username = $username"; return mysql_query($q, $this->connection); } But the problem is that it will only update numbers into the database but when I try to...
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    Cron support

    I tried making my first cron today and Im getting a "/bin/sh: /home/oiwio/public_html/hpup: Permission denied" Im not very skilled with it yet so can someone help me out? my cron run command is "/home/oiwio/public_html/hpup" and the shell file is here #!/bin/sh and heres the perl...