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    Down for everyone or just me?

    Sorry, I have been quite inactive on the forums lately because of my upcoming project. And as someone above stated, the site is legit. You can try whenever a site of yours that you like is down, and you'd apparently see that it works. ;)
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    MySQL thingy on MyBB.. not working?

    MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue. SQL Error: 1105 - #07000(proxy) all backends are down Query: [READ] Unable to connect to MySQL server Please contact the MyBB Group for support. What should I do to fix it? ---------- Post added at 10:09 PM ----------...
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    my site down at Chopin

    Have you thought about moving the thread to the correct category? :p
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    Review My Own Hotel Site Please...I OWN 2 HOTELS:)

    I'd like to suggest that you fix the images, so we get another perspective of the website. However, this is easily implanted, it's just a tifle (if you know what I mean). And what does those "| | | | | |" lines represent? I tried to press one of those, and came into another webpage. You need...
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    Looking for opinion on my 1st site.

    I'd suggest you to change background. From personal perspective, the background is too sharp for me, it burns in my eyes at the moment. I don't wanna be rude, but the background NEEDS to be improved, and sized better so it'd fit into the page. :)
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    How secure is my password?

    Hello again, I'd like to suggest a website for you. To test how secure your password actually is. Easy or hard to hack? How many days/years would it take to hack it? THIS WEBSITE DO NOT STORE/STEAL YOUR PASSWORD(S). This website runs a "javascript(??)" that checks how long time it'd take a...
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    Down for everyone or just me?

    Hello, I'd like to tell you about a great site that checks if the site you wrote in the textbox is down for everyone or just you. It's a great website, check it out! :D Click here: >> <<
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    default web site page.......

    OK, my forum on my website is working fine but I can't enter my "index" site. redirects to Why..? My forum is working fine but not the index?
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    Failed domain name changed.

    I don't know really. Although the forum is working, just had to wait for the domain to update, I guess. :P
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    Failed domain name changed.

    OK, I found it in /public_html/f/htacess.txt, downloaded it and opened it. What am I supposed to do now? :eek: EDIT: Already cleared my cache and history, do I have to wait 24-36 hours till I can see my website?
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    Failed domain name changed.

    Where is this nasty file located?
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    Failed domain name changed.

    So yes, I was domain changing and it says it is finished. Later on I tried to reach my page, it did work yes, but when I installed a forum on my website I couldn't reach it. This page text appears, when I enter my domain (; And when I try to reach my forum...