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    The new skin look way better than the old one!
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    My New Design

    Tt looks pretty cool.
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    Review my template!

    I think its ok looking.
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    Nice site for free logo design!

    looks pretty cool thanks
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    Ideas for a Website (mockups)

    I like the First one cause it looks better to me. And the second one looks really simple. Buts your choice.
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    What's the best 3D Animation Software?

    I would say Flash CS3 well thats what I use and you need to code most of the animations
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    New user, but already a happy user

    Hai and welcome Globallines
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    Your Web Designing Applications

    BestAddress HTML Editor 2008 Pro - HTML, PHP, & Coding FlashCS3 - Site, Animation, Sometimes Logos - Drawing Purposes
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    best free html editor

    If you want to pay the best one is BestAddress HTML Editor 2008, and I know you asked for the best "free" one.
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    Userbars in

    No, that is the normal font he just added a glow to it I think.
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    Userbars in

    those look pretty good and is the best
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    Get "" domain to work with your x10hosting account.

    This is pretty cool. And helpful, thanks.
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    awesome online logo maker

    I don't really like it, its better to make your own, or ask a friend.
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    Hi all

    Hello and welcome to x10
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    Is Vista Worth?

    vista sucks you should wait till they fixed most of the bugs.
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    Hello, this is great hosting service you guys have here. And I am James. Just thought I should introduce myself.