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    My Begin Page Up and Running

    My website is called It is a website for charities and non-profit organizations can meet with regular people to gain more members and for charities to become more prominent in our world. It is obviously just the starting page and my website is now just starting as this web...
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    Looking for charities/ people just wanting to help

    Well, I have recently been working on one project called the Switching to Linux website. Currently, I am at a brick wall with this one so I am now working on another great idea with one of my favorite things in the world, charities. I have always liked helping people and seeing that smile on...
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    Switching to Linux website

    Well I have been working on a major new project of mine. It is a website called Switching to Linux. It is all about obviously switching to this operating system from Windows or OSX. Now the reason why I am putting this here is, when the website is up and running, would you be willing to see the...
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    Need help with a building a secure form

    Hello, So I have finished up pretty much everything for my website except the two forms that I need. I need them to be secure and I need them to go straight to my e-mail. If anyone has an idea on how to do this that would be great because, again, this is the last part of my website that needs work.
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    Looking for members, moderators, anyone to help

    Hello all! Well I have been working on a brand new site lately (dealing with switching to Linux from Mac and Windows). The site I need help with is called I created this site for the basic fact of everyone likes to discuss things so why not create a central location for...
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    Is it common to keep Sucking at Creating a Website?

    Well this is now my third website design that I am working. My first was a tutorial website that I thought was going to be a great idea. It did not have any numbers for visits (around 15 per day). My next website idea was a discussion website. This one is still active even though I have not done...
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    Website Gone

    Okay I do not know what is going on but I tried going to my domain and my website is gone. The MySql database says it has nothing in it. I do not know what to do about this. Can you please help?
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    Free on-way text links

    Okay so I posted this in another forum category and I think I posted it in the wrong section. But here is the offer. I am giving away free one-way text links on my website. All you have to do is become an active member of the site and post 20 times. After that, I will post your website with a...
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    Givng one-way link space away! (Free Advertising)

    I am giving away space on my website for your link. All that you need to do is become an active member. Post at least 20 times on the website and stay active and you I will post your link with a description of your website. This is a totally free offer for advertising. URL...
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    Help: Needing Members

    I have created now my second website and I am trying to figure out how to get members. I have tried getting people to show up in various ways. I get guests but I do not get members. I realize that this is a new forum but I really want to get members because I think this is a great site idea. If...
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    Link Exchange for a Discussion and Debate Forum

    Hey anyone can post links on my site as long as you are an active member. I will also do link exchange with anyone if you want. Please keep it similar to my website focus but it does not need to be. Also, you can post a one-way link if you post at least 10 times on the website and believe me I...
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    Hey my name is Justin Scherer and well I decided to create another website because my other one was not going so well. Hopefully this second one will work out. It is all about discussing and debating and I hope some of you come over to it and decide to start discussing some important topics. I...