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    Reply to replied request

    Dear sir, Thank you for replying in shortest while.But if is this not possible than can you activate my account from your side. By selecting the domain as and username as nsmsvx10 I think this method will be possible. I hope this method will be considered.Hoping a helpful help from...
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    Reply to replied previous suspension request thread

    Dear sir, Thank You for helping me, my account has been unsuspended and it has been reset'ed, but now the problem has arrived that i have to register my username & domain again so i just selected my previous domain i.e. and my previous username as nsmsvx10 and clicked on complete...
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    Reply to previous suspension request thread

    Dear sir, Thank you for replying for my previous thread i.e. I am not sure whether i have created an phishing page or not, but i remember'd that i gave a seminar on phishing and sql for my project and i gave a demo...
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    Suspension unblock request

    Dear sir, I have using this free x10hosting account from a while.I just wanted to submit a request for unblocking my account.As my website was growing day by day i.e. the number of users were increasing every single day I decided to take a backup of my website.Actually I was taking the backup...